Hello! This is admin nisyaz, reporting for duty, hehe.

Introducing you, to KpopClub’s Official WordPress, we did consider having a blog, but seeing wordpress is more likely used, we decided with WordPress.

What would we be posting here?

Our subs videos, news about our forum, news about K-Pop, Subbed Music Videos (English, Hangul, Romanized) and also (Malay Subbed, since we are from Malaysia, introducing our language to other people ^_^), Music Videos HD, download links for songs, lyrics, and many more.

Can I join the team? eg ; Journalist, Admin, Mods at our Official Forum, Subbers, etc.

Sure! Just make sure you visit the site frequent enough, and don’t forget to look at ‘Join KpopClubSubs Team’ for more info! ^_^ We are looking for more staff, if you’re wondering, and if you’d like to join, you’re most welcome!

Take your time, to appreciate and thank us for our work, we would gladly appreciate it. Any requests would be decided by the one and only admin Nisyaz. So wait for me. 😀

That’s all for now!

2 Responses

  1. I know u said u guys weren;t subbing wgm but i was wondering would u be able to sub caramel couple because I can’t find their subs anywhere thanks.

    • Caramel Couple? UEE and Jaejoong, right?
      Did you search in the Playgirlz forum?
      I think they subbed for WGM Uee and Jaejoong.
      Just a reminder, we only sub the captions(for the next ep of Koala) since we’re not really THAT fluent in Korean.
      However, we’ll see what we can do. ^^

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