Just a notice to say that we’ll be re-uploading Episode 1 and 2 in better quality. For those who are looking, just check out KpopClubSubs’ channel.

For those who are wondering, we hardsubbed f(x) Koala from the softsubbed version in WKPSubs. If you wondered what are they, then go here : . They provide Invincible Youth english subs, also f(x) Koala’s english subs, but both are soft subs. Up until now, they are already hardsubbed. We just made it colourful and easier to understand here. Weeklykpop also provides Raw Videos, posted on either Dailymotion or Youtube or any other video hosting site.

That’s why we have the credits pasted ‘ WKPSubs in the videos.

I am still learning Korean, and when I’m fluent enough, to understand what they are saying, and translate the captions myself, or until that I could find anyone who is willing to translate from Korean-English for us, until then, we will be taking requests. So, we need your help, if you could find anyone who is fluent enough to translate.

If you happen to have a friend who’s Korean and can speak English, please deliver the message, as we are in need of timers and translators. So far, people have been saying that they wanted us to sub for Heroes and Starking. We won’t sub for WGM, unfortunately, since they already have ; SNJeung , RDRsubs / UriYongseo / TheCouplet , 2OneDay / Wild2Day to sub for WGM. We will sub for MVs though, in two conditions ; there are requests for MV subs in HD and someone in the team, that are willing to sub.

Also, if anyone happens to find One HD’s Malay Subtitles of Starking online, please do tell us, since most of our timers and subbers are Malaysian, and we could translate the Malay subtitles to English, for those who can’t understand. If some of you don’t know, right now, Astro (a broadcasting company in Malaysia) broadcasted S One HD, with KJE’s Chocolate, Starking, Star Junior Show, Change, and other dramas , in Malay Subtitles. We could sub them, if we had the subtitles.

*Starking on One HD starts from the beginning of Season 2, if I’m not mistaken.

If any of you happens to find softsubs, tell us, and we’ll hardsub and time it correctly.

*admin Nisyaz.

3 Responses

  1. Just wanna give a shout out to you guys.
    Thanks for your hard work and giving your time to subbing these episodes for us, even though its already sub, you really are making it a much more enjoyable experience for us non-koreans in watching f(x) koala.
    You make it it much clearer, better timing and much more colourful. So even though WLPSubs should be given credit, I think you guys should give yourself some credits, and even more credits for considering the views of what we(fans) want and making Episodes 1 and 2 even better quality.

    So keep up the hard work guys 😀
    You have my support and keep Hwaiting
    KpopClub Number 1

  2. thank u for subbing and uploading. terimakasihhh! ^^
    u guys did an awesome job! 🙂

  3. Hello! I’ve been a fan of this subbing team for a while now, thanks for all your efforts. I do have a question though, may I have a link of the unlisted video of f(x) Koala EP1? I read on this post that the URL of the re-uploaded EP1 subbed video will be posted here. It might just be me, but I cannot seem to find the link on any of the posts. Is there any chance that the EP1 with better quality is up on Megaupload?

    Thanks in advance!

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