f(x) Koala Episode 7 Eng Subbed

Looking for fast timers and translators (Kor-Eng) – (Chi-Eng) ^^ If interested, email : nisyaz97@ymail.com 

The quality isn’t so good, I’m afraid. There’s technical problems here that we couldn’t avoid. More like the Aegisubs + Video problem. It’s been solved, just that we couldn’t convert it into better preview, so this means you would have to be stuck with the low quality, I’m afraid. Anyway, here’s the episode!

edit: We made a tiny mistake in the subs, Victoria said ‘Kokoma’ couple in stead of ‘Goguma’ couple, and ‘Kokoma’ = children =Adam, so what she said was correct. I hope you guys will understand! Sorry!

f(x) Koala Episode 7 640×480 Mid-Quality Mega Upload

[If there’s by chance you know any other uploading sites that supports more than 500MB files, other than MU, File Serve, please do mention it to us, just in case Mega Upload doesn’t work]


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Streaming on Youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Team –

Timers : Xevi Kira, Nisyaz

Translators : Celia, Calista, May, Celia

++We need more translators for Hello Baby, though we already have 4 (TYSM) and those who wants to translate Koala are welcomed as well. We’ll have a timing and translation (which you need to translate and which you don’t) tutorial up after this. Your supports are very appreciated! And sorry for delaying for a week, because of the technical problem, we can’t upload it faster than before.

Please if you want to share the download links, link them to THIS PAGE instead of linking them to your own website, or uploading them to another account. If these rules are abandoned, we might reconsider not to upload again.

T-ara’s Hello Baby Season 3


We’re back with something new to tell! So, after we’ve given it some thought, we want to sub for T-ara’s Hello Baby, from Chinese subs to English, since not many are subbing it yet. Of course, we knew that some of you were wondering perhaps why we were only subbing f(x)’s Koala, well now, we are subbing T-ara’s Hello Baby. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough timers and translators, even though some of our translators are volunteering^^. The timers we have are only two, even though our main timer can make it, we still need more.  So you T-ara fans, don’t hesitate!

If you aren’t experienced, or don’t know how to time, don’t worry, we can teach you XD. If you can translate [from Kor-Eng/Chi-Eng] but don’t know how to get it done, don’t worry, we can always teach you 🙂 We are recruiting, so remember to apply now!

You may apply either via form (Click on the button ‘Join KpopClubSubs’) or via comment, here. OR you can just send in your application, to nisyaz97@ymail.com .  PROMOTE THIS!


-Name : (what to call)

-Hours you’re online : (The least would be an hour)

-Experience :

-Questions/Comments :

-Email : (If you’re using the same email to apply, you don’t need to fill this)


Name : (What do we call you?)

You translate from.. : (Kor-Eng or Chi-Eng?)

Hours you’re online : (At the very least, an hour)

Experience :

Questions/Comments :

Email : (If you’re using the same email, you don’t need to fill this.)

Some of you already said that Megaupload wasn’t working for f(x) Koala Episode 6, we already found that out. BUT we can’t find any websites that supports 400 MB and above, so we do need your recommendation on this. We are having some technical difficulties on Koala Episode 7, that the video file that we used doesn’t work with Aegisubs, (it’s from Shinkishin.wordpress.com and kpopweb.net) if you happen to surpass any video file that’s FULL, doesn’t matter whether it’s torrent or not, (.avi is preferrable) please link us to it.

Thanks, admin nisyaz ♥

f(x) Koala Episode 6 Eng Subbed

Download links are now available^^

Download 640×480 f(x) Koala Episode 6 Eng Sub FULL Megaupload


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Streaming On Youtube :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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101113 Music Bank

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Everyone, sadly, we are going to be REALLY late for the few 3 episodes.

; Episode 5- 7

We are short on staff, and we were wondering if there’s any of you who would like to help us translate from Chinese – English? We would like to try this new method, just that we are short of translators, we only have two currently, and they are both busy. The translators can translate the captions/subtitles/voices from Chinese to English, we know there’s a video of Chinese subs. Perhaps that way, it could be faster?

It’s not very good to know that I don’t actually know Chinese, so.. Yeah. On the other hand, we do really need Chinese-English translators of f(x);s Koala, and do you have links to the Chinese subbed videos? Some are deleted, so if you know, you would’ve contribute a great, large amount of help to us 🙂

And again, we’re very sorry!

Those who would like to help, can email me at : nisyaz97@ymail.com
State that you would like to help, and your name, and your hours of online. Any problems, you can ask me 🙂

Inkigayo 071110

Note :  If you want to know when the subs will be released, please check out KpopClubSubs’ Stats. We are currently working on it, so please be patient, even though it is quite late.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Some volunteered to upload the raw videos and the music shows, so here it is!

Our New International Forum! ^^

Thanks to Callista 🙂

We’ve opened our new Forum, and this time it is in English. We are looking for staff over there, to help manage the things going on, so please do Apply if you’re interested!

KpopClub Subs Forum

*NOTE on Koala Subs ; We’re still working on it, so there’s no video yet, just made the thread for easier usage.

Many are opening now~