Everyone, sadly, we are going to be REALLY late for the few 3 episodes.

; Episode 5- 7

We are short on staff, and we were wondering if there’s any of you who would like to help us translate from Chinese – English? We would like to try this new method, just that we are short of translators, we only have two currently, and they are both busy. The translators can translate the captions/subtitles/voices from Chinese to English, we know there’s a video of Chinese subs. Perhaps that way, it could be faster?

It’s not very good to know that I don’t actually know Chinese, so.. Yeah. On the other hand, we do really need Chinese-English translators of f(x);s Koala, and do you have links to the Chinese subbed videos? Some are deleted, so if you know, you would’ve contribute a great, large amount of help to us 🙂

And again, we’re very sorry!

Those who would like to help, can email me at :
State that you would like to help, and your name, and your hours of online. Any problems, you can ask me 🙂

5 Responses

  1. i’m sky at the forum anyway i tried to register for this website but i can’t really read chinese 😦 should of paid attention in chinese class anyway should have chinese translations because some chinese subbers use these translations you have to become a member at the fx china forum to access the translations good luck

    • heheh i tried to sign up and everything went well until i didn’t know what 邀请码 meant so =.=

      • i think 邀请码 means invitation code

  2. I don’t know any of the Chinese subbed ones, but I do the HQ/HD quality raw files here:

    Hope it helps!

  3. hi there! this is sheeliasuju frm youtube. yup. chinese is my second language (and if i don’t understand i can ask my parents anyway) I’m free… actually the whole day -.- i’m online everyday. It’s the holidays now, so =.=

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