f(x) Koala Episode 7 Eng Subbed

Looking for fast timers and translators (Kor-Eng) – (Chi-Eng) ^^ If interested, email : nisyaz97@ymail.com 

The quality isn’t so good, I’m afraid. There’s technical problems here that we couldn’t avoid. More like the Aegisubs + Video problem. It’s been solved, just that we couldn’t convert it into better preview, so this means you would have to be stuck with the low quality, I’m afraid. Anyway, here’s the episode!

edit: We made a tiny mistake in the subs, Victoria said ‘Kokoma’ couple in stead of ‘Goguma’ couple, and ‘Kokoma’ = children =Adam, so what she said was correct. I hope you guys will understand! Sorry!

f(x) Koala Episode 7 640×480 Mid-Quality Mega Upload

[If there’s by chance you know any other uploading sites that supports more than 500MB files, other than MU, File Serve, please do mention it to us, just in case Mega Upload doesn’t work]


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Streaming on Youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Feel free to leave us a comment!

Team –

Timers : Xevi Kira, Nisyaz

Translators : Celia, Calista, May, Celia

++We need more translators for Hello Baby, though we already have 4 (TYSM) and those who wants to translate Koala are welcomed as well. We’ll have a timing and translation (which you need to translate and which you don’t) tutorial up after this. Your supports are very appreciated! And sorry for delaying for a week, because of the technical problem, we can’t upload it faster than before.

Please if you want to share the download links, link them to THIS PAGE instead of linking them to your own website, or uploading them to another account. If these rules are abandoned, we might reconsider not to upload again.

6 Responses

  1. part 2 is like dead because of a weird sm entertainment thing, could you please upload it onto dailymotion ❤ thanks

    • it is?
      well, I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  2. Thank you for your hardwork! Really appreciate these!

  3. The 500 MB issue can be circumvented by splitting at the raw bytes level instead of at the video stream level as I did when I posted the other episode to Sharebee. That way, someone grabbing the split files can trivially recreate the full file. Splitting should just be for transport, not as a final storage format. Using rar for splitting instead of bare .001 files is fine too.

    You could, of course, always use torrents; I’m probably the only person downloading these who has a fast server to run them on, though. I don’t know if you get enough traffic for torrents to really shine (i.e. on the order of what Dattebayo gets).

  4. Thank you =D, much appreciated

  5. keep up the good work, guys 🙂

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