Looking for co-admins!

Annyeong everyone! (Not using Hangul here, I might misspell the words)

KpopClubSubs are looking for co-admins, for the subbing team! You must meet the requirements as stated below in order to pass as a co-admin of KpopClubSubs. The main admin will be Nisyaz, and the co-admins are to help with the work for subbing f(x)’s Koala and T-ara’s Hello Baby that are currently on delay now.


Requirements :

– Online for at least 5 hours (If you’re living on the other side of Malaysia, we might not chat often, I’ll need someone who I can always chat and discuss with.)

-Knows the basic of timing (If our timers are somehow late and couldn’t make it, the co-admins will need to help with the timing, if you don’t know how to time, you may refer to the documents that I’ve prepared earlier, and check them out.)

– Have the basics of managing a sub-team (You’ll not need experience, but if you have, you’re very well welcomed. I’ll teach you on how to manage a subbing team, so don’t need to worry much about this)

– Trustworthy (I will depend on you to complete the tasks that I’ll hand out soon, and I’ll expect those tasks to be done fast and efficiently. I’ll trust you on the subbing, that you’ll manage to do it well. And also not distributing it to other sites, claiming it as yours, the translators and timers worked hard for it.)

-ENGLISH IS IMPORTANT. (You must know English, fluent in it. Not perfect English, but at least you know how to correct grammar. This is important, because I may want to task you on editing and proof-reading the translations. If you’re Malay, that’ll double the chance. AHAHAHA Just kidding)

– Friendly and could approach someone nicely (We don’t want one of our admins harassing any of the members of the team or our viewers. You must now how to approach someone nicely if they are somehow annoying or complaining.)

– Prioritize KpopClubSubs (You must prioritize KpopClubSubs if you want to be an admin, because we don’t want any slackers in the team.)

We’ll be needing TWO and ONLY TWO admins. If you think you are qualified enough, please fill up this form and send it to : nisyaz97@ymail.com , this application will be open for perhaps two or three days, until we find the perfect co-admin that can help. If you, could translate a little bit of Korean-English, or Chinese-English, that would boost up your chance too.


Name : (I’ll call you with this name)

Age :

Birthdate : ( I know this is like inappropriate, but you’ll know why 🙂

Country :

Hours Online :

Any Experience? : (State what subbing team, and what was/is your position)

Working with any other sub-team currently? : (So that we’ll know how busy you are.  State what sub-team)

Do you know Korean/Chinese : (just saying.)


Fav Kpop group? : (IDC what or how many you want to put here.)

Rate your friendliness (/10) :

Will you prioritize KpopClubSubs? : (A simple Yes or No, include some support/reasons)

Why do you think you are perfect/suitable for the job? : (Include long reasonable essay here XD)

I’ll receive your super long/long email, and I’ll respond to you AFTER the accepting date/time is closed. So don’t be mad and all furious because I didn’t reply your email. One thing’s for sure, I’ve read it.

I’ll display the list of people who applied at the sidebar, as soon as I got it, I’ll display them. If you don’t see your name on the sidebar after you’ve sent in your email for like, 10 hours, THEN feel free to email/tweet me @http://twitter.com/nisyaz  and I’ll put in your name there.

Looking forward to your emails, and good luck to all!

admin Nisyaz ☻

p/s :  If you want to help us time and/or translate, email me too.

3 Responses

  1. […] the other hand, we are looking for co-admins and timers and translators. So please do […]

  2. Annyeseeoh

    Name : Sarmin Khan

    Age : 13

    Birthdate : November 29, 1997

    Country :United States

    Hours Online : 5/6

    Any Experience? : Viki.com Subber

    Do you know Korean/Chinese : A little bit of Korean!

    MSN :

    Fav Kpop group? : SHINee, MBLAQ, B2ST, F.T Island, CN Blue, Sistar, T-ara, Kara, Jang Geun Suk, TVXQ, JYJ, Super Junior (M, U, ELF) 4Minute, 5Dolls, 2PM, After School, Infinite, Dalmatian, ZE A, Rain (Bi), Baek Ji Young, F.Cuz, A-Peace ,Brown Eyed Girls, & more

    Rate your friendliness 10

    Will you prioritize KpopClubSubs? : Yes , because I love K-Pop

    Why do you think you are perfect/suitable for the job? : I think I am suitable for the job because Kpop is my life. I am always doing something that has to do with kpop. I would also like to be a co-admin for this website because it looks like a website that I can handle very well, and manege to help to. I also have a lot of time on my hands so you can email me when ever you want when you need help. I can always come to help at anytime! ~ Kamshameda!

  3. I want to bean admin because I have a lot of knowledge about english language and I really love k-pop

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