[PROMOTE] f(x)’s Victoria Intl. Forum

Hello again! I’m sorry to tell that this update is not about the episodes that we’re subbing, but in fact, we’re promoting this : (Actually I’m the only one promoting this, but you get the idea.)

Click Here > f(x)’s Victoria International Forum!

This forum specifies for f(x)’s adorkable leader, Victoria, or as called by her kids, Vic-omma. Register as a member now, as they are currently in need of staff and more-to-come! , Of course, to only you who loves our Vic-omma.

P/S: The board wasn’t designed by a professional, but by a newbie, so please don’t be too harsh on how the board looks.
Okay, I’m the one who designed the board, but I tried my best ><

Join Now~

Our status updates :

Yes we did receive ONE application to be a co-admin, though I'm looking for someone who can manage T-ara's HB that are currently unstable right now.SO PLEASE DO APPLY.

Oh, and we're also in need of fast timers and translators, either Chinese-English or Korean-English are very well accepted.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do email that you want to help us so to nisyaz97@ymail.com

Koala's Episode 9 Status : We haven't received the translations for Part 4 (Voices) yet, so please wait patiently.
T-ara's Hello Baby Episode 1 Status : This was actually timed before, but somehow one of our timers made some mistakes, and we had to re-time it all over again.

We're very sorry, and I'm here to be the representative of KpopClubSubs, that we couldn't exactly release fast episodes like you all wanted to. But we are trying very hard to do so.

Thank you for reading,
-admin Nisyaz

8 Responses

  1. Don’t worry to much, you guys aren’t taking that long.

    Plus it’s better we have subs eventually than having no subs at all!

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