My name is Crystal, and I will be helping Nisyaz unnie with managing this blog! ^^ In this post, our new Co-Admin for T-ara’s Hello Baby will be announced, and short descriptions about every member of the team will also be included!

Well, our new Co-Admin is…


/claps and cheers

Let’s welcome her with open arms! She will help to oversee the subbing of T-ara’s Hello Baby. Unnie fighting! (:

Next, we will have the short descriptions of each team member, written personally by themselves! (We don’t have all of their descriptions yet, this post will be updated when we have them ^^)


Nisyaz (our super awesome Main Admin!)

Annyeong~ I’m Nisyaz, or my real name is, Anis Syaza, though my closest friends call me Nis, I allow anyone to call me that~ They say Syaza is cute too thought, but I like Anis cause the meaning of that name is a true friend XD and I am  : ) I’m currently learning Korean and hoping to learn it fluently as fast as I can, so that I can help with the translating and everything, 🙂 Making this subbing team a success  😀 I love to talk, as you can see. AND VERY VERY TALKATIVE. I love to sing as well~ And dance randomly, and my one secret (not a secret anymore) is to be a successful Kpop singer that everyone loves : ) and meeting f (x) and SHINee. For pairings, I’d have to say I love Shiny Effects, esp ONTORIA JONGNA KEYBER MINSTAL TAELI . If you don’t , don’t worry , I won’t bash you. I’m currently involved in managing forums, fics, making videos and oneshots, and graphic designing (still learning) and I hope to do more as I can. If my dream couldn’t be true, I’ll just fly off to SMTown Concerts, or maybe f(x) concerts when I’m older and can work : )

Hara (the new Co-Admin!)

Hi guys^^ You can call me Hara and I’m co-admin for KpopClubSubs. I ♥ korean variety show and I ♥ subbing too, cause I could share the happiness that I got from variety show by gave high quality subbing video for other. And by the way, I’m from Indonesia^^ Actually, I’m being addict with Korea Variety show and group since last year. Because I watch SNSD MV-Genie. After that, I’m become Korean maniac. LOL. Talk bout favorite group, I ♥ almost SM Entertaiment artists like Super Junior, Girls Generations, SHINee, f(x), DBSK. I dunno why, but SM artist could make me fall for them from the first time I saw their MV, Perf, or show. Kekkee. But something special happen, I fall for Dong Ho (U-Kiss Maknae) when I watch Idol Maknae Rebellion. Actually I watch this show because SHINee comes to this show as guest, but Dong Ho catch my hearts. And now, I’m one of Kiss Me ^^ I ♥ to meet with new people and have a lot of friends from others country. So, it’s really nice to know all of you guys. Keep support our team^^



I’m Katrina, otherwise known as XeviKira~: a timer for f(x)’s Koala. I’m a thirteen-year old Filipino living on the island of Saipan. f(x) is my ultimate kpop bias and JungLi’s my OTP. A few of my other favorite artists include Davichi, One Way, Younha, SNSD, and B2ST. I’m currently studying Japanese and Korean; Japanese being my focus language. I adore Asian styles and cultures and would love to visit Japan one day :] My favorite genres of music are western indie, J-rock, and K-pop. I love concerts. I do island photography/graphic design, blogging, and writing as hobbies. I have a knack for English and Literature and occasionally write one shots. Nothin’ special though x] I talk to anyone that talks to me, really. Feel free to add my messenger:







Annyeong! I`m Calista and I`m Singaporean. I`m an Admin for KpopClubSubs and a translator for f(x) KOALA captions.I can read korean thats why I do the captions. Love SNSD the nost next up C.N.BLUE and f(x)! I`m friendly but I don`t really tlalk alot but feel free to chat with me. I also the admin of SNSDSONESG. For my OTP it is definitely from SNSD, SNSD`s first nmarriage couple ! kekeke I know this description is abit but anyways. :]


Hello 🙂 I’m Celia and a Singaporean. I translate voices for f(x) koala but i was doing captions at first too. I’ve been into kpop since 2009 and my kpop biases are f(x), shinee and super junior (yes, i love sm). I’m pretty alright with all the other groups, yup. I ship KEYBER (HELL YES.) Don’t you dare bash them or i’ll kill you. (i’m just kidding, but you get the point) I like shiny effects pairings but i’ve kinda lost some hope in ontoria because of nichkhun. *gasp* I speak two and a half languages: english, chinese and french (though i’m not good at it, hah) I read and write fanfiction on livejournal (you can try to find me), and sometimes on forums. I’m borderline friendly, depending on the situation. I hope I didn’t scare you. ROFL ><


Annyeonghaseo. The name’s May, most people call me may or maymei. I’m a CBC who has been learning Korean. I’m currently helping out with translations on the f(x) Koala team. I’m SNSD biased, but some of the f(x) members are growing on me as well. I’ve written a  few one shots which are posted on live journal (that, in my opinion, could be better). I really want comments on those things, but I just keep getting a lot of silent readers. I’m generally very friendly, and I don’t bite, but I’m also awkward since I don’t really know how to start conversations with random people…yeah…well, enjoy the translations…KpopClubSubs hwaiting~!

Crystal (me!)

Hello! My name is Crystal, and I’m Singaporean ^^ I’m a voice translator for T-ara’s Hello Baby, but I did trans the captions as my first job 😀 I’m also helping to manage this blog. I love all of kpop, but my main biases are SHINee and f(x). I really really really ship JongNa (Jonghyun x Luna) with all my heart, so please don’t bash them in my face (: I ship Shiny Effects, only OnToria, JongNa, KeyBer, MinStal, TaeLi though. I know abit of Korean, but I’m still learning ^^ I write fics as well, if you want to read them tell me! Haha (: Well I am a friendly person, and I hope I don’t disappoint while I’m in the team! ❤


Hi ^^ My name full name is Oi-Yin Xue, but people just call me Yin 🙂 I am a chinese british,and 14 years old. I can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently, and okish German and French.. still in the process of learning Korean!!!!! Some things i do: I play the piano and flute and i also play a lot of badminton 😀 I translate for both F(x) Koala and T-ara Hello Baby 😛 I am a fan of Snsd, T-ara and IU ❤ Please keep supporting our subbing :L


Hi everybody! I’m Caramel ,  my real name is Jia Yi , I don’t really use it so yeah! I’m 12 from Singapore and I love Super Junior and f(x) the most , and I ship Shiny Effects! OnVic / JongNa / KeyBer / KrysHo / TaeLi! I love Super Junior’s Sungmin so much that I forced my twin(Crystal!) to write two one-shots for me ❤ my future pink prince husband! -dreamy eyes- anyway!  I can speak some Korean, and I can totally read Korean. I’m a hyper person and honestly I have a dream to enter SM Entertainment, part of a girl group, meet all my favourite idols, lastly have a husband from Suju haha 🙂 anyway i’m really crazy over Suju! My first job subbing were captions but now I’m doing voices, I hope everyone would like and appreciate our subs! Kamsahamnida! ❤



Hurlo fellow KPop lovers out there (: I’m Alina (Chinese-American if you were wondering…) and I’m a voice translator for… *drum roll* F(X) KOALA! 😀 If I ever meet f(x) in real life, I will cry. 😉 My bias is definitely Luna: kind-hearted, spazzy, and freakishly amazing vocals. Oddly enough, I think that LuNew would be a good pairing heheh. Onew ❤ is of course my favorite out of SHINee as well. I auditioned for the MBC “Birth of a Great Star” Audition, and I made the top 500 (I think. Heheh) ^^ I love to sing, and I love to dance (I’ve got a channel if anybody’s wondering) and I also opened one of those online entertainments on YouTube for people to audition for.(: My friends and I also write fanfics, involving LuNew of course heheh. OOOHH random fact: I have friends who look like Victoria, Yonghwa of CNBlue, someone from T-ara (I forget who), Wooyoung of 2PM, Doojoon from B2ST, aChansung from 2PM…(sigh, so many), Key from SHInee, KevJumba (yeah), and a friend who looks EXACTLY LIKE Jinwoon of 2AM. NOT KIDDING. xD I’m so proud of my friends. And that was a lot. :/ Sorry! I hope you enjoy Koala and T-ara’s Hello Baby!(:


HELLO ppl! xD My name is Goh and my real name is Goh Hui Min. haha. can guess from my username i guess… LOL.I am currently a f(x)’s chi-eng translator. I want to learn korean badly but does not have the time so prob will start when i hit university? I can be very quiet at times but when i am around friends, i go HIGH very easily. haha. I m born on 26th march 1993 so that makes me an aries! xD I was originally very into C-Pop but fell in love with KPOP when i watched SHINee’s Hello Baby. haha. I love SMent artistes( Suju, SNSD, SHINee, F(x))!! and F&C ent artistes( CN blue, FT island). They are all very talented and pretty and handsome. But personally, my bias is SHINee. haha.dun bash me cos my bias isnt f(x). But i like vic and luna from f(x).. hehe. Hope to see one of SM Town concert one day anyway.. xD

Please do give us lots of support! Though we are a small team but we work hard and do our best to give you all good quality subs as soon as possible. And good news! The long awaited T-ara’s Hello Baby Ep 1 and f(x)’s Koala Ep 9 will be released in less than 48 hours! Yay! We are adding the final touches (for Hello Baby) and finishing up timing (for Koala) already so I hope everyone will wait patiently!

We are also in need of more people on our team! Email if you are interested! Do remember to state what job you want! (timing, translating, etc.)  Also, the applications for Co-Admin are now CLOSED. Thank you all for applying! Please do not be sad even if we didn’t choose you! You can still join our team and help out! (:

Do subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter sign up for the forum! And of course check this blog regularly too! 😀

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Thank you!
– Crystal

3 Responses

  1. Wah! Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful sub team! I really love koala, and i look forward for the subs every week!

    I support you guys!
    Kpop Club Subs FIGHTING!

    p.s. at admin nisyaz, do you have the same twiter name? Can you said that you don’t bash other couple/shippers, but when i search for lunew/khuntoria tweets i saw your tweets and they were not the nicest tweets.

    you call lunew shipper ignorant?

    Anyways… thank you for this sub team anyway 🙂

    • Ahh. Those. ><
      I'm sorry, probably at that time I was really mad.
      Very very sorry .

  2. Thank you so much for subbing!!! You write Lunew fics? I would love to read them! I’m a Lunew shipper and it is hard to find lunew fics =[

    Anyway, Thanks for your hard work!! Hwaiting!!!

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