SBS’s Heroes

Cast : Narsha (BEG) Kahi (After School), Seo In Young, Noh Sa Yeon, Hong Soo Ah, Jeong Ga Eun, Lee Jin, Shin Bong Sun, IU, Yoo In Na, Nicole (KARA) and Jiyeon (T-ara) .

Hello everyone yet again!

Today, we saw Chinese Subbed Episodes for Heroes on Tudou (actually, one of our translators, Yin, saw it.) And so, she came up with the idea to sub for Heroes, since yes, there aren’t many Heroes subbing team around, and some did request this from us. Because there’s now the Chinese Subbed, we will start subbing Heroes from Episode 9 til current, (Episode 20 is the latest) BUT we don’t have any staff at all to sub this yet.

So, we’ll need about 4 – 6 timers and translators, doesn’t matter you translate from Chinese/Korean to English. A minimal amount of time online is : 2 hours, and we hope to get lots of staff for this, as we have a lot of catching up to do.

Fill in these forms below, and email them to .

Timers :

Name :

Age :


Hours Online per day :

You would like to time Voices or Captions? :


Name :


Hours online per day :

You would like to translate Voices or Captions? :

As soon as all the empty spots are filled, we will immediately start subbing for Heroes 🙂

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

50 Responses

  1. sub from ep 8 onwards. because 1-8 have been subbed by superheroesubs.

    • Okay then 🙂

    • please tell me the link of superheroesubs??thx

      • here’s the link:

  2. Yeah I was going to say what 123456 said, sub episode 9 and onwards.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you in advance for starting this project. Heroes is a really funny show

  4. it’s a shame that i can’t help
    but want to say thanks in advance, don’t understand why nobody is subbing this
    anyway, hope to guys would do well, fighting!

  5. and thanks for subbing heroes and subbing koala. u guys r really fast : )

  6. im both glad and thankful that you sub Koala and Hello Baby. Heroes would be a great show to sub but in my opinion, you guys should sub a show that no one else does. i think this would create more interest in your site as well as show increase in the amount of visitors. Maybe MBC Bouquet? there isnt a dedicated subbing team for that show yet.. but just a suggestion.

    kpopclub fighting~
    ~Kazuho, iSUBS Super Mod

    • No one really does do Heroes. SHS are only really releasing the subs they’ve got from SNJeung… very slowly… and out of sync. Heroes needs a good subbing team like these guys

  7. You guys are my favorite subbing team. I would love for you guys to do heroes. I have been just watching the raw videos. Thank you in advance.

  8. Thank you so much for Heroes! I’m glad you guys are doing it because SuperHeroesSubs is really poor. They are very slow and the lastest ep was released out of sync!

    @Kazuho – Veltizen has subbed the first 8 eps of Bouquet –

    • Veltizen only did episodes 4 – 8. She also broke her pc and cant sub seriously until she gets another. and she doesnt know when thats going to be. until then, no subs. Like i said, there is no “dedicated staff” devoted to subbing Bouquet.

      SHS subs heroes at a ‘less than pleasurable” speed. but they’ve started to pick up a little bit. why not sub something that isnt really being done.?

      again.. this was only a suggestion.

      • Well then, maybe we should join forces with them? (SHS subs)

  9. Try asking on the Heroes Soompi thread –영웅호걸/page__st__660?s=3ad9ec9ba07836ec967d24b59c1ca249

    There was some interest for a new, reliable Heroes subbing group

    I’ve been waiting for the subs on Heroes 😦 the show is awesome yet there’s not really many subbing groups out there that is willing to sub it, except you guys now of course! ^^
    ep 1-8 has already been subbed so I guess it will save you more time if you just sub beyond ep 8?

  11. Yay! I agree about SHS even though I know its hard to sub but their really slow, thank you for taking up on subbing Heroes!

  12. Heroes is being worked on in Viki but it’s not active so this is really great! you guys should post on the channel there to let people know 😀

    Also, message Snjeung, she might want to help out from time to time since she used to sub the show.

  13. @Riz – what’s your problem? it was only a suggestion.. you don’t have to be a douche about it.

    You only care whether or not you get to watch Heroes. I was giving them some perspective on how they should become a larger and more popular staff, coming from someone is who does this for many different groups.

    @kpopclub – im not against you guys subbing Heroes. it was purely a suggestion based on proposed eventualism. .. not that Riz will ever figure out what that actually means without the use of google.. Good Luck on Heroes if thats the road you decide to take ^_^ kpopclub fighting~

    • Yes, we do understand that. We’re still going to sub Heroes, since we already had a few appliers that applied, and of course, we’ll consider the suggestion to sub Bouquet too.

      Thank you for your support 🙂

    • and I know that you give Kazuho dumbs down the whole time 😉 very childish

  14. hmm I think you guys should talk with SHS like work with them to finish ep 9 at least and see if it will go well with both your teams working on it but if it doesnt work out then I guess you can do it separately? idk its just a suggestion

  15. I agree with Kazuho about Heroes and Bouquet…
    It would be better if you can collab with SHS – maybe a ‘trial’ for a few eps – and focus on other shows that have no subs – Bouquet for example…
    You guys perhaps also can collab with Veltizen…

  16. OMG thank you for subbing this show! but please consider to subbing Bouqet.

    • Of course, we will 🙂

  17. Collab with SHS! =D
    They can improve, so give them a chance.
    Also: Thank you for all the subbings! ❤

  18. OH! and just so you know..
    If you decide to collab with them, they have 720p RAWs up to episode 23.

    kpopclub fighting~


    I think they’re forming a subbing team for hereos too..maybe you guys can help each other..

    btw thanks for the subs and FIGHTING!!!! =))

  20. pls sub from ep2, superheroesub did even sub this ep. their piority is from ep7 onwards. they wont concentrate on ep`-6. thanks.

  21. wah… great finally… another great force to subs heroes.. thanks alot

  22. Do it ur own don’t do with SHS coz they super slow may b they make u down !!

  23. start at ep. 9 trust me i SNJ and SHS sub till ep.8 now
    if ur start from ep.9 will b better !!! coz now the lastest ep. is 24 LOL i rally poor this variety show have 8 idols 4 celebrity but those of their fans not do anything huhhh so sad 😥

  24. pls sub ep2. i really wanna watch. i have been waiting for a long long time. pls don give me snjueng link to watch cos some of the link is broken. thanks

  25. I am from PuddingSubs lol…whether you believe me or not…I could help you all on subbing Heroes if you all wanted me to help…^^

  26. superherosubs is currently slower than before due to lack of subbers. Episode 1, 2, 5, 6 have not been subbed because episode 7 and onwards is their priority.

    (Note: Info from superherosubs)

  27. where i can find Heroes on eng sub??

  28. wow at last someone sub this show… thanks.. a million… hwaiting…

  29. kpop please sub heroes..please.. .. we wish u good luck.. hwaiting

  30. pls sub ep 2 also. thanks alot

  31. Thank you so much for doing this! I wish I can help but unfortunatly I read very limited chinese and cannot help you.
    All I can do is give my support and thanks!
    I REALLY LOVE HEROES and it sucks how there aren’t any english subtitles

  32. hey guy, could u also sub ep 6 superheroes sub didnt have ep 6. so pls sub ep6. thanks for the hard work!

  33. did you guys sub episode 14 yet? or do you have the link?

  34. if you are subbing for heroes make sure that you sub for 720p version too….and release the softsub too…i think many of us have already have the raw file….superheroessubs doesn’t release the softsub…i don’t know why….

    • I’m not sure if we are going to make softsubs or not. (But mostly not)
      As far as I know, SuperHeroesSubs DOES release softsubs for 720p versions and the other versions.

      • they release the softsub only for three episode and that’s it they say…it’s really a burden for those who have the raw file…,I really hope that your group would release softsub…thank you…

  35. please post ep 14 with eng sub. thankyouuu

  36. Watch all episodes of SBS Heroes available (1-16) english subbed, WORKING AND FREE


  37. are u going to sub or not? 😦

    it’ll be great if u do it.

    <3<3 thanks :))

  38. WATCH ALL SBS HEROES EPISODES WITH ENG SUB @ for free! No irritating advertisements like and links are all working! 🙂

  39. Shit!!!!!!7!!77 this thing really sucks… Ir is slow and….. When do all things appered like nowhete. And where is thw picture like duhhh… Can you puhlease updated it properly. It is too sloww.

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