Announcement 110301

Hello again, all!

So, after much consideration, thanks to your suggestions too, we have already decided to collab with SuperHeroesSubs whether you like it or not. We’re still at early planning, but I assure you that we’ll start as soon as possible, considering we already have a good amount of people to help us sub. Though, if you’re interested in TRANSLATING from Chinese to English or from Korean to English, for Heroes, please do contact as told.

Of course, because of your suggestions, we have decided to consider working with Bouquet. As of this, nothing has been confirmed yet, because we are just still considering and we might or not do a collab with Veltizen, as some of you suggested. We have already sent a request of the collab email, and if it’s accepted, we’ll start Bouquet. If it’s not, we’ll see how Heroes goes first, before starting Bouquet.

Though if you’d like to help us out, either with Bouquet or Heroes, or even still Koala or Hello Baby, please fill out this form and send it to

Timers :

-Real Name :
-Nickname/What you want to be credited as:
-Position: Timer.
-For which team are you applying for (Koala, Hello Baby, Heroes, Bouquet):
-MSN/YM Messenger E-mail (or AIM if you don’t have these):

-Hours online each day:
-Do you know the basic Timing functions of AegiSub?

-Any Experience?:
-Would you prefer to time Voices or Captions?

-Any Questions/Comments :

-Email :


-Real Name:
-Nickname/What you want to be credited as:
-Position: Translator
-For which team are you applying for (Koala, Hello Baby, Heroes):
-MSN/YM Messenger E-mail (or AIM if you have neither of these)

-Hours online each day:
-Would you prefer to translate Voices or Captions?:
-You translate from Kor-Eng or Chi-Eng?:

-Any Experience? :

-Questions/Comments :
-Do you have a decent amount of understanding for both the source language and English?

-Email :

Email these to, and we’ll have something ready for you πŸ™‚

Also, we’d like to announce that we have now an OFFICIAL TUMBLR regarding fast updates about the subbing, and also our future plans, and everything else that’s related. We would like you to ask questions OVER THERE and NOT OVER HERE.

Questions like : When is ___ episode of ____ will be subbed?

WILL BE ANSWERED, but only once, and we will answer it with the status. Other stupid questions will be ignored.

SO CLICK HERE to go to our Tumblr NOW! Follow please, for much more recent updates! If you have any suggestions, you may submit them all over there.

AND REMEMBER we DO read ALL of the comments that you posted here, so if we didn’t answer your suggestions, or questions, not to worry. If you still got those questions up in your heads, submit all of them over at the Tumblr.

We also have had our amazing graphic designer to make us a promotion banner/siggy, so please, if you could be so kind enough and would like us to release faster episodes and more shows that you want us to sub, please put this, well. Everywhere. Copy the CODE provided and not the picture only please πŸ™‚

Code :

<a href= “”><img src=””></img></a&gt;


PLEASE PROMO THIS πŸ™‚ Your help will be very much appreciated~ If there’s something wrong with the code, let us know.

10 Responses

  1. Daaaaeeebak~
    I hope your collabs do well!
    Kpopclub fighting~

  2. Happy new year πŸ˜›

  3. Yay! Can’t wait for your next release, hope everything works out great! Good luck!

  4. Hope those guys don’t spoil things, you guys have a great reputation and SHS… not so much.

    But I guess it’s better to start together and you can always split if it doesn’t work out.

    Thanks for your hard work

  5. Thank you so much!<3
    I will support you and SHS! =D

  6. yesss…..I will support you guys…..hope the collab will success….

  7. oh i do hope you will sub bouquet whether it will be a collaboration with veltizen or not…
    thanks for all the efforts guys^^

  8. Woah u guys r really fast at organizing… Well, i hope you guys have a great collab! πŸ˜€
    erm, i think it would be better if you guys just concentrated on koala and heroes till you guys are done with koala before starting on bouquet?Since its not confirmed yet…
    Well, just my 2 cents…

  9. Hohohoho, nisyaz, you probably won’t believe it’s me! Yes, a translator is commenting. Your eyes arent playing with you! πŸ˜€

    I really wanted to write this comment because I really don’t know where I can thank all of you guys for the encouragement all of you viewers give us after reading all the amazing comments you left us.

    Being a relatively new subber to the team with no experience before, it is really something new to me. And now I enjoy doing it for the joy of others.

    And I get joy in the process too! Keep the comments rolling as it gives us strength! We really do read! Here’s to a Happy New Year to all at KPop Club Subs! Fighting~ ;] We will work harder!

  10. will you guys also sub Actress/Fox’s Butler!!!
    i have been dying to see it, but i cannot find
    subs for it anywhere 😦 please please please πŸ™‚

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