f(x) Koala Eng Sub Episode 11

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f(x) Koala Eng Sub Episode 11 640 x 480 Megaupload


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

[Streaming -Youtube & Wat.tv & Vimeo]

We are uploading Part 2 on wat.tv/Vimeo because Sony Music Entertainment blocks the song that was displayed on Part 2. Youtube blocked the video, so we’ll upload on Wat.tv/Vimeo .

Part 1

Part 2



Part 3

Part 4

Translators – Celia, May, Goh, Alina, Jiahui
Timers – Nisyaz, Ace, Rani
Others – Nisyaz

Those who ask on Youtube about Part 2 will be ignored. Direct yourself to this post for the link to Wat.tv .

Thank you.

18 Responses

  1. Ohh Thank you for posting and subbing it! XD

  2. thank you so much.. ^^
    i’m waiting for download link

  3. Cool, thank you

  4. you’re the best!!!

  5. Thank you ~~~~~

  6. thanks a lot !

  7. THANKS!! chu~<3

  8. thank you for the subs~! um, but the download links seems to be removed, though.

  9. Can you check link MU??????????????? it doesn;t work

  10. thank you ^^

  11. thank u… hehe

  12. thank you.
    where can i watch episode 12 with subs?

    more power

  13. Are you guys still subbing? Usually there are regular updates but we haven’t heard from you in a few weeks…

    • The curse of SuperHeroesSubs stirkes, people warned them not to to join up with them but look what’s happened

  14. Thanks for this. I appreciate your effort. I really enjoyed watching Koala.

  15. Megaupload link.. is it full? i downloaded it but it’s not full..

  16. thank yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuu,,,

  17. how to download fx koala ep11 part 2??
    can you tell me how??

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