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Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, and I, (Nisyaz) am very sorry (UTTERLY!) that we can’t release episodes as fast as before. I’ve been timing normally, but I think that we might have to open a new position that I’ve never thought of opening before, and they are TYPESETTERS/EDITORS.

Before, I didn’t even think of this, since I was capable of doing everything, since it was school holidays. Now, I’m afraid school has been a huge obstacle for subbing, though I really don’t want to stop KpopClubSubs just yet. So now, I’ve decided to hire Typesetters/Editors into our team, and for those who are interested, please check out the requirements below:

-MUST be experienced(doesn’t matter whether you were on a subbing team, or sub vids yourself) and knows-it-all on Aegisub.

-MUST be able to be online for at least 2 – 3 hours.

-Must know English and be fluent in it, (it’s better if you’re a Native speaker) and knows how to correct grammar and such.

-Be willing to typeset in EACH of the shows that we are subbing (Koala, Hello Baby, Heroes, Bouquet)

-Be able to finish things ON TIME.

-MUST be dedicated to KpopClubSubs. If you are only applying but don’t think that you can do it, PLEASE do not apply.

When you become one of our typesettors/editors,you shall edit all the files in .ass files. So MAKE SURE you have Aegisub.

If you meet all of the above requirements, please send in the form below and email it to nisyaz97@ymail.com  ASAP. We are only accepting 3 typesetters at the most, and applications shall end on Friday, 25th February 2011. I’ll decide on whether to accept you straight away OR wait until 25th February 2011 to accept you.

Name: (You’ll be credited with this.)

Age :

Hours online :

Shows you’d like to typeset/edit (in order of preference) :

Timezone: (ex : GMT+8)

Experience :


Country :

Questions/Comments? :

On a side note, we’re ALSO looking for Chinese/Korean translators! Much of our translators aren’t able to help much, so PLEASE if you can read/understand Chinese, please do apply! NOTE: Missing translators for EACH AND EVERY SHOW subbing. Before sending the form to me, PLEASE complete this translating test FIRST! VIDEO FILE INSTRUCTIONS Send the form below to nisyaz97@ymail.com :

-Nickname/What you want to be credited as:
-Position : Translator
-For which team are you applying for (Koala, Hello Baby, Heroes):
-MSN/YM Messenger E-mail (or AIM if you have neither of these)

-Hours online each day:
-Would you prefer to translate Voices or Captions?:
-You translate from Kor-Eng or Chi-Eng?:

-Any Experience? :

-Questions/Comments :
-Do you have a decent amount of understanding for both the source language and English?

We’re not really searching for timers, but we’d like some to apply too! Mostly for this, we’ll need timers for HEROES and HELLO BABY. Mostly, Heroes. REMEMBER to be dedicated to us, and do not apply if you can’t do it! Also remember that you’ll be given a timing test, so to make it easier, PLEASE complete this test first when applying for a timer > http://www.mediafire.com/?6vlgmtscpif8fra

-Real Name :
-Nickname/What you want to be credited as:
-Position: Timer.
-For which team are you applying for (Koala, Hello Baby, Heroes):
-MSN/YM Messenger E-mail (or AIM if you don’t have these):

-Hours online each day:
-Do you know the basic Timing functions of AegiSub?

-Any Experience?:
-Would you prefer to time Voices or Captions?

-Any Questions/Comments :

-Email :

Note : You will be added on MSN, by me as soon as I got your application. I’m in GMT+8, I’m in Malaysia.

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