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f(x)’s Koala Episode 14 Eng Subbed

Sorry for the delay! And we’re currently missing TRANSLATORS to translate for Episode 15. If anyone’s interested, please email nisyaz97@ymail.com .


640 x 480 f(x) Koala Eng Subbed Episode 14


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Translators: Julie (InTheCube), Holand, Lulu, Crystal, Wilson

Timers : Nisyaz, Rani, Kim

Others : Nisyaz


110309 KpopClubSubs’ Status

We’ve not updated our status in a while, and I want you guys to know why I’ve been currently asking for volunteers for those who can be one of our translators. Status will be posted up as well.

First : f(x)’s Koala Episode 14 Status.

It’s almost done, I’m completing the timings and it shall be up around Sunday, this week. HOWEVER we DO NOT have ANY translators AT ALL for EPISODE 15 and we urgently need them to translate CAPTIONS.

IF ANYONE IS AT ALL UP FOR THE CHALLENGE. Please visit :http://youtube.com/fxtara and Search for Episode 15’s Chinese Sub. Try subbing 5 minutes of the video, and send them to me( nisyaz97@ymail.com ) as soon as you can. Your help will be mostly needed!

Second : T-ara’s Hello Baby Episode 3 Status

There’s only Episode 3’s timings of the first half of the episode that’s left, and we’ll all be done and ready to encode. However, for Episode 14, I don’t know much regarding the status since the co-admin had come back from her leave and hasn’t told me anything for the past few days.

Third : SBS’ Heroes Episode 10 Status

This is VERY important for all of you to know. FIRST, Heroes will also be up around Sunday – Tuesday (Next week) AND THEN, we will NOT be subbing Episodes 11 – 19. We will skip to Episode 20 and start from there as I’ve found Super Heroes Subs to be actively subbing again.

If you didn’t know, we only have 1 translator (K-Translator) for Koala. The rest are only available in April and you don’t wanna wait til April, right?

We have about 2 available translators for Heroes (subbing, currently), with 1 currently busy.

And for T-ara’s Hello Baby, we’ve got about 3 translators left, and I’m not sure whether they are able to cope with it or not.

I’m so very sorry for delaying all the upcoming subbed episodes, but I’d have to since I’ve got exams this week, and am focusing towards my exams FIRST. However, my holidays are up next week, and I shall try my best to release as much subbed episodes I can. :3


Looking for Korean/Chinese Translators!!

We are looking for Korean/Chinese translators!

Our subbing status for translating is currently slowing down because of we’ve no translators to help translate. SO PLEASE DO HELP. If you’re interested, please email nisyaz97@ymail.com

We can’t really sub anything without translators, and I really hate to have my remaining, small amount of translators to be doing heavy loads of work. So PLEASE! help us!