Looking for Korean/Chinese Translators!!

We are looking for Korean/Chinese translators!

Our subbing status for translating is currently slowing down because of we’ve no translators to help translate. SO PLEASE DO HELP. If you’re interested, please email nisyaz97@ymail.com

We can’t really sub anything without translators, and I really hate to have my remaining, small amount of translators to be doing heavy loads of work. So PLEASE! help us!

2 Responses

  1. im speaking chinese… But not muc its just a little bit

  2. Good post, nicely written. I love to read the latest info on chinese translation industry as I have been doing the research in the same since long. I just came across your blog and found it very interesting. I have subscribed to your blog and hope you will be posting nice stuff like this over the coming days.

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