–PROMO VID– Searching for Translators!

4 Responses

  1. To be honst guys I dont think theres much point in you lot subbing T-ara Hello Baby because puddingsub has already subbed it. And Diadem are currently subbing it.

    Not sure about Heroes but superheroessubs have subbed 13 ep so far. r.r I guess its alright to sub it, if your going to sub for example 20 and over.

    And for Bouquet Yea!, Hard to find any subs for ep 11 and over.

    • I’m not trying to force you guys or anything I’m just saying what I think. To help you guys out.

  2. Are you guys still alive? Could you post an update post just to say hi?

  3. i would lik to be a translaterrr

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