Hey everyone!
So.. it has been very long since I’ve posted anything here. (Almost one month? Or has it been already one month..)

First of all, I’d like to apologize to the many people waiting for subs from us (especially for Koala) and there has been a lot of people asking for the subs in our inbox in YT. I’m very sorry.

We got a little bit off track and our translators were busy thus, nothing could be subbed. But now, more and more people are helping to volunteer (Though only a few managed to stay..) for us, and I’m REALLY hoping more would help volunteer and actually stay dedicated with us. There are a few translators that applied though didn’t respond to what I’ve sent them.

So please, if you happen to have anyone you know, that are fluent (or at least knows the language) in KOREAN or in CHINESE, PLEASE dooo tell them to apply for KpopClubSubs! We’re aiming to sub a few shows, (Koala, Heroes mostly) and some shows that aren’t subbed by most people.

Second, some people have been asking for us to drop T-ara’s Hello Baby since PuddingSubs had subbed it already. I’m still considering on this. Do you want us to stop subbing  THB? Because if you do or don’t, please do tell us by VOTING here :

Waiting for official statement, –we shall not sub T-ara’s Hello Baby after Episode 3.  

Third, we’ve decided to sub Heroes starting from Episode 20 onwards instead of Episode 10, and WE ARE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF STAFF FOR THIS PROJECT. We’re needing :

-Translators (KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG)
-Timers (Captions and Voices)

Send us this short form to : [ nisyaz97@ymail.com ]
Applying for : Translators
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Translates from : [KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG]
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because.. (We just wanna know if you are really dedicated to us, we don’t want any staff leaving and all.)

Applying for  : Timer/Typesetter (Cross one out if you’re going to be only one)
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because..

We’ll mostly sub f(x) stuff (since the admin is biased towards f(x), sorry) BUT if there’s anything you aka the TRANSLATORS want us to sub, feel free to ask so!  (Only open to translators applying since they are the one who’s going to translate)
If we happen to get a lot of translators, we shall open up Subbing Requests.

THANKS FOR READING! We will be active as soon as possible! Something subbed is going to come out this month..

24 Responses

  1. I would love it if you continue to sub T-ara’s Hello Baby..I have seen pudding subs’..but honestly, I prefer you guys’ subbing it..

  2. pudding subs is already way ahead of subbed episodes. diadem will also cover THB in the future, unless you guys will jump to later episodes that havent been subbed for THB then im ok with subbing for TARA. however, i really like more hereos and f(x), especially f(x) coz i think your the only one that is covering f(x) for their shows.

  3. I would prefer you guys focusing on f(x) more since f(x)’s show has no subbers other than you guys. Appreciate it yoo 😀

  4. please, continue t-ara HB :'((((((

  5. well for me i think if you can continue subbing tiara hello baby,it will be good….but if you cannot cope with it is also fine….we will for it…

  6. I think T-ara’s Hello Baby has already been covered by Pudding Subs, as well as Diadem Subs, so it would be a bit redundant if you also sub the show. Heroes, on the other hand, also has a subbing team covering it but like 25 episodes behind. I think it would be best if you could concentrate on that instead. 😀

  7. I don’t think you guys should sub this. Since PuddingSubs already have and diademsubs are on it. It’ll be a waste of time to be honest.

    I really do hope you sub Heroes E6 since no one has subbed that. And can’t wait for f(x) koala ep 15 >.<

  8. I prefered you guys subbing Heroes 20 and above. T-ara Hello Baby is already covered by PuddingSubs & DiademSubs.

  9. there are actually 2 subbing teams subbing hello baby; tiaradiadem and puddingsubs. I think there is no need re-subbing what other already have. I think Heroes should be main priority. It would be a double pointer if he subbing team can sub in 720p video. =D

  10. i hope u will concentrate subbing fx koala..
    but subbing heroes from ep 20 is better..^^
    or u can collaborate with superheroessub if u want to subbing heroes..

    T-ara hello baby is already subbed by diadem..U can stop subbing it..

  11. T-Ara’s Hello Baby is already being subbed by other subbers so I guess you can already stop and like focus on other shows especially Koala, I have not seen other subbers of that show except this so I’m hoping for you guys to finish that one.. and I would personally LOVE it if you sub Heroes as well.. I know its being sub by SuperHeroesSubs but is there any possible way to watch it on YT? they only have it in dailymotion and its way too slow and not working for me T_T

    thank you ^^ fighting!

    • I’m afraid not. Heroes couldn’t be watched on YT because of SBS.
      We will, however try uploading it on YT, Dailymotion and Vimeo (and maybe some other sites as well) for our viewers to enjoy.

    We’re still patiently waiting for episode 15 for KOALA.

    Especially their current radio interviews 🙂
    You guys are the only who really sub their stuff…

    thank you sooo much for all the subs you’ve done
    you guys really are amazing!

  13. what typesetter do? like just typing?

  14. I really hope you guys sub F(x) Koala Ep 15, I really can’t wait. THX so much for your previous sub works!! >.<

  15. May I know which eps you have subbed for heroes? The show is really fun to watch but unfortunately from eps 20 onwards… ):

  16. Are you guys still subbing f(x) koala ep 15? or have you stopped?

  17. pleeeeeeeeeease continue subbing f(x) koala 😥 thankyou so much for you guys’ hardwork!! hope everything will be easier for you guys, fightinnngg i’m waiting here 😀

  18. i hope u can subbing eunjung’s wgm guys

  19. i hope you guys just focus subbing koala… 😐

  20. I can’t wait for the next Koala subs! More power to you guys! Keep up the good work!



  22. i really appreciate if you subs T-ara Hello Baby until the end. Please sub it. pretty please.

  23. hello there (: wonder if u all know about this, but koala eps15 has chi subs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIoI0n0h4jw&feature=related keep up the fab work (:!

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