KpopClubSubs’ Stats (Last updated: 111219)

Last updated: 24th January 2012
-This list will now be updated for only once/twice per MONTH due to certain circumstances-

Positions Open:
– Korean Translators
-Chinese Translators (Spot Translators + Main translator)
– Timers & Typesetters (mostly for timing CAPTIONS)
To apply for a position, please email Please also state what you are able to do/help with. We are mostly looking for f(x) fans who are willing to translate and time with us as we are subbing more of f(x) stuff.

If you’d like to gain subbing experience or collect subbing experience in order to join other fan forums’ subbing team, to apply for us would count, and if you have questions, you may ask and we will gladly answer.  


Subbing Stats (Progress): 

110624 Fashion N Actress House Episode 9 –f(x)–

Translations (Voices): 75%
Translations (Captions):  75%
Editing (Voices + Captions) :  80%
Timing (Voices): 25%
Timing (Captions): 50%

111217 Drama : Saving Mrs Go Bongshil (LUNA CUTS ONLY!)
Releases will be posted in ONE POST ONLY! 

111217 – Episode 01
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111218 – Episode 02
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111224 – Episode 03
Translations: 100%
Timing: 25%

111225 – Episode 04
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111231 – Episode 05
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120101 – Episode 06
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120107 – Episode 07
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120108 – Episode 08
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120114 – Episode 09
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120115 – Episode 10
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120121 -Episode 11
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120122 – Episode 12
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

Update Notes
For previous update notes, click here.  

19th December 2011 – Monday

Hello everyone! First update note of December 😀 So I had finally decided to clean the previous update notes from August – October :3 AND! We are announcing our new (permanent) project, Saving Mrs Go Bongshil!

It’s a drama that stars various talented actors and actresses, including two idols, f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kim Kyujong (and also a love linee~~ between them ♥ I love pairings x.x) . The drama will air on TV Chosun Channel 19 (a new broadcasting channel) , and will be broadcasted every weekend, both Saturdays and Sundays on 7.50PM KST. You can stream it at .

For now, we are still waiting for Chinese subs to be released, and after they are released, we will start subbing them immediately. I’m trying my best to start subbing as soon as possible so I hope you guys can be patient and wait 🙂 Also! f(x)’s Fashion N Actress House episode’s translating is almost finished! 😀 It will be ready soon~~

Also! We will frequently update on our Youtube Channel and of course, this blog, so please do check for updates 🙂 I am also looking for a co-admin that I can trust, also has some subbing experience, and is an f(x) fan. If you are interested, please contact me at  (the reason? Next year will be pretty hard on me, and I’m definitely not sure if  I can handle this alone.)


24th January 2012 – Tuesday

Hello hello everyone~ Happy (belated?) new year!
So this year, as I was planning to sub the full episodes of the drama, Saving Mrs Go Bongshil, I couldn’t find any Chinese-subbed of the drama that were full (well, I did, but most of them weren’t easy on streaming… or had no streaming at all!) and basically could only find most of Luna’s cuts, subbed (in Chinese). Unfortunately, we don’t have any Korean translators, so I can’t really go through with some of the episodes that were missing (in Chinese subbed..)

I’m very sorry to disappoint everyone with this recent news, but I hope we will be able to, hopefully if the streaming ever comes out ><

We are back! [Update: 110716]

Hello everyone, once again!
First of all, I’m very sorry for the extremely long hiatus, and I know you’ve all been waiting for Koala’s Episode 15. We have good news and bad news, unfortunately.

It’s always good to hear the good news at the end, so the bad news that I’m about to reveal, is that we will stop subbing T-ara’s Hello Baby. Our last episode being subbed will be Episode 3, hopefully it could be released soon.

Now, for the good news!
f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 will be released SOOON and is in the process of being translated and timed. We are trying our best to provide you guys with a HD episode (not specifically HD, the resolution is 720+) for the last episode to make it up for our long hiatus. Also, we have announced before that we are hoping to sub more of f(x)’s videos, and to do that, we do need translators and timers, not to forget typesetters, simply saying, a whole team of subbers.

To get these stuff organized, to apply for our team, please do not email me ( anymore, but instead, please post your application here : Translators and Timers/Typesetters . For anyone asking, YES, you’d have to register to be apart of our staff, but it’s so that projects can be much more well managed rather than having to email and everything.  We need absolute dedication, so please do apply!

Please DO note that we’re STILL searching for Translators, most importantly, Korean-English translators as some people have been complaining that our subs are not entirely accurate as we sub from Chinese-English instead of Korean-English.  So PLEASE, if you happen to know any acquaintances or friends that are willing to give up time to translate, please do mention us to them, and ask if they’re interested! We are very much in need of staff, and it totally sucks not being able to release subbed stuff efficiently as before.

Spread the word, people, and I hope you’re still with us here!