KpopClubSubs’ Stats (Last updated: 111219)

Last updated: 24th January 2012
-This list will now be updated for only once/twice per MONTH due to certain circumstances-

Positions Open:
– Korean Translators
-Chinese Translators (Spot Translators + Main translator)
– Timers & Typesetters (mostly for timing CAPTIONS)
To apply for a position, please email Please also state what you are able to do/help with. We are mostly looking for f(x) fans who are willing to translate and time with us as we are subbing more of f(x) stuff.

If you’d like to gain subbing experience or collect subbing experience in order to join other fan forums’ subbing team, to apply for us would count, and if you have questions, you may ask and we will gladly answer.  


Subbing Stats (Progress): 

110624 Fashion N Actress House Episode 9 –f(x)–

Translations (Voices): 75%
Translations (Captions):  75%
Editing (Voices + Captions) :  80%
Timing (Voices): 25%
Timing (Captions): 50%

111217 Drama : Saving Mrs Go Bongshil (LUNA CUTS ONLY!)
Releases will be posted in ONE POST ONLY! 

111217 – Episode 01
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111218 – Episode 02
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111224 – Episode 03
Translations: 100%
Timing: 25%

111225 – Episode 04
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

111231 – Episode 05
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120101 – Episode 06
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120107 – Episode 07
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120108 – Episode 08
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120114 – Episode 09
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120115 – Episode 10
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120121 -Episode 11
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

120122 – Episode 12
Translations: 0%
Timing: 0%

Update Notes
For previous update notes, click here.  

19th December 2011 – Monday

Hello everyone! First update note of December 😀 So I had finally decided to clean the previous update notes from August – October :3 AND! We are announcing our new (permanent) project, Saving Mrs Go Bongshil!

It’s a drama that stars various talented actors and actresses, including two idols, f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kim Kyujong (and also a love linee~~ between them ♥ I love pairings x.x) . The drama will air on TV Chosun Channel 19 (a new broadcasting channel) , and will be broadcasted every weekend, both Saturdays and Sundays on 7.50PM KST. You can stream it at .

For now, we are still waiting for Chinese subs to be released, and after they are released, we will start subbing them immediately. I’m trying my best to start subbing as soon as possible so I hope you guys can be patient and wait 🙂 Also! f(x)’s Fashion N Actress House episode’s translating is almost finished! 😀 It will be ready soon~~

Also! We will frequently update on our Youtube Channel and of course, this blog, so please do check for updates 🙂 I am also looking for a co-admin that I can trust, also has some subbing experience, and is an f(x) fan. If you are interested, please contact me at  (the reason? Next year will be pretty hard on me, and I’m definitely not sure if  I can handle this alone.)


24th January 2012 – Tuesday

Hello hello everyone~ Happy (belated?) new year!
So this year, as I was planning to sub the full episodes of the drama, Saving Mrs Go Bongshil, I couldn’t find any Chinese-subbed of the drama that were full (well, I did, but most of them weren’t easy on streaming… or had no streaming at all!) and basically could only find most of Luna’s cuts, subbed (in Chinese). Unfortunately, we don’t have any Korean translators, so I can’t really go through with some of the episodes that were missing (in Chinese subbed..)

I’m very sorry to disappoint everyone with this recent news, but I hope we will be able to, hopefully if the streaming ever comes out ><

42 Responses

  1. Nice! I hope you guys finish f(x) koala ep 15 as soon as possible. Can’t waaiiiitttttttttttttt!

  2. ohh i’m so happy that u might be subbing Krystal kiss and cry… thank you thank you so much for all the hardwork done…

  3. If only I knew korean I would love to help out. Can’t wait till you sub the final episode of f(x) koala!

  4. Welcome back, I really miss KpopClub T.T
    I hope you guys will sub Strong Heart ep 88, Krytal’s so cute in this ep.
    Thanks a gain 😡

  5. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooot! KpopClubSubs hwaiting!

  6. Pls put f(x) koala ep 15 as your first priority to sub, arghh can’t wait it’s like waiting for a new movie to come out on cinema >.<

  7. Nice to see ur working on the last ep of f(x) koala, can’t wait for eng subs to wait. I’ll be patient and wait here. THANK YOU!

  8. I’m so relieve that you guys haven’t quitted. Keep up the good hard work! can’t wait for more f(x) subs! 🙂 !!!!

  9. OMGZ’S! Thx for the progress bar, hope u sub f(x) koala ep 15 ASAP!!!! 🙂

  10. Kpopclubsubs hwaiting! 🙂 Hope you sub the last episode of fx koala quick.

  11. Kamsameda! Thx for not giving up and helping us international fans able to watch their favourite idols in variety shows with eng susb so we understand! >.< ~ Can't wait for ep 15 to be released.

  12. I will come here everyday waiting for the last ep of f(x) koala, ahh it’s kiin me ~ xD

  13. YAAAY Glad to see you are back 😀
    Hope you guys finish Koala soon xD FIGHTING!

  14. Hope you sub f(x) koala ep 15! Love your great subbed works, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Oooh you guys started on ep 15, can’t wait for it to be done. Ahhhh i’ve been waiting for ages for the last ep to be subbed! 🙂

  16. waaahh i’m so happy to see the update status with so many of regarding f(x)..
    i’m really grateful for all the time and hardwork u have all done to sub these clips..
    thanks for them!!!

  17. OMGAH! Great idea with the collab with superheroessubs. Can’t wait for it.

    Same goes for f(x) koala hope you make it your first prorioty to sub, been waitin for ages. >.< You guys are the best for subbing this and trying your best!!! FIGHTING! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. You guys are the best! Can’t wait for f(x) koala ep 15 to be released. Thx so much for your hard work!!!

  19. Thank you so much kpopclubsubs staffs thx for working so hard to bring us these wonderful subs of f(x). Hmm yeah subbingep 1-4 might be a good idea since honestly ep 1-4 the subs are kind of bad. And the quality of the video.


  20. Can I just say thank you for all your hard work! I’m just really happy and amazed that you guys are even subbing despite the lack of staff, so late releases don’t bug me at all 😀 I’m just happy someone is subbing these shows!

    KPCsubs hwaiting! 🙂

  21. Plssss Continue subbing T ara’s hello baby!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m Beggingggg. 😦

    • There’s honestly no point in them subbing T-ara Hello Baby. DiademSubs are subbing it hardsubs and they have subbed 10 ep so far.

      You can register at their forum . You also need 50 posts (reply to topics in order to get 1 post count). I know it might be too much but trust me if you are a fan of T-ara it would be worth it. 🙂

      Also keep up the good work KpopClubSubs! Looking forward to f(x) koala ep 15.

  22. Waiting for more f(x) shows subbed! 🙂

    Pls don’t give up you guys, you guys are just the best for subbing f(x). Not many subbing team subbing for f(x).

  23. Aren’t you guys going to update the progress? Just curious to see how awesome you guys r doing :)!!!!

  24. You guys are the best! Can’t wait for the last episode of koala. Pls sub it as soon as possible! >.< …. !!!!!

  25. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!! Maaf Zahir Batin…haha hope you had a great raya celebration

  26. PLS PLS PLS PLEASE! Sub the last ep of koala ASAP! I’m dying for it xD 🙂 Don’t give up

  27. hi guys i am desperate for the ep 1, i am sure many wont mind about the last part but can u release the 3 parts on yt pls? i rly rly rly want to watch !!! i have been waiting for 6 months omgggg

  28. 15* sry previous post

  29. Hope you finish subbing the last ep koala, thx for all the work you have done! Many appreciations! 🙂

  30. Can’t Wait for the 15th ep of koala! 🙂 Hope you sub it as fast as u guys can.

  31. kamsamida juz nice i am watching ep 14 now !! thanks alot !!! ❤

  32. please please please please please please
    i know you trying really hard
    but please hurry up with ep 15

    fighting 🙂

  33. Pls pls pls sub f(x) koala ep 15 🙂 Really do love all ur other subbed work into f(x).

  34. Hope you guys get ep 15 subbed! I really can’t wait for it! 🙂 Btw thx so much for subbing, enjoyed watching sulli & krystal cut at strong heart!

  35. ummmm
    can you please give us how much time you need to finish ep 15???

    please cuz every day i check up the website
    to see is it yet or not

  36. Are you guys going to update the progress bar? I really want to know how well you guys are doing and how f(x) koala is doing, cant wait for it to be done!

  37. Woot I really can’t wait for fx koala to be released, keep up the work guys. You are nearly there! 🙂

  38. YAAAAAAAY you are gonna do Actress House too omg TT__TT
    thank you so much, can’t wait to see the end of koala~~

  39. OMG U guys r nearly done wiv koala. KEEP IT UP!

  40. I found on youtube a user who (I hope) has chinese subs for Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil. You might be able to use their translation from chinese to english if you ask them. I’m not sure how that all works so I leave that up to you. But here is their user name for youtube, fx3DingSaveGo01. They have ep 1-6 fully chinese sub, or at least I hope its chinese or i’ll look like a fool.

  41. hey whatever happened to this site you guys have updated recently

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