[2010] Idol Brain Collision (Girl Group Special) – f(x) Cuts English Subbed

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f(x)’s Cuts in Idol Brain Collision 2010 – Girl Group Special  




Brought to you by KpopClubSubs!
Translators (Chinese-English) : Caramel, Lulu
Timers & Typesetters : micheal, nisyaz
Encoder & Uploader : nisyaz

PLEASE REMEMBER that this particular video is subbed from Chinese to English, and so the translations aren’t 100% correct. To those who’ve been correcting us via comments, we encourage for you to do so if you happen to find any mistranslations during the subbed video as we would like to give the most accurate subs as possible. Your cooperation is very much appreciated!

Enjoy everyone! I’ve been delaying this long enough :3

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  1. plz…sub t-ara hello baby again….T_T

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