f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 English Subbed + LONG Blog Explanation

f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 English Subbed



-includes MegaUpload, File Sonic, etc. I couldn’t upload directly to MegaUpload since my country practically bans the website-

[640×480] f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 English Subbed


(After you’re finished, it’d be a wonderful help if you’d help seed! :D)  



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


—not uploaded yet—

Brought to you by KpopClubSubs!
Translator (Korean-English) : inthecube, gv5028, fxsoshixgem
(Chinese-English): crystal., denise2601, Jiahui., Yue, k-popfan, MelissaM
Timers: XeviKira, nisyaz
Typesetter & QC-er & Encoder: nisyaz

The Story Behind The Lateness of the Arrival of f(x)’s Koala Episode 15.

WARNING! Post can be REALLY long. Depends on whether you want or do not want to read this. I’ll be glad if you do, though. Also! I’m writing this from my memory (which is really not good, I’m a forgetful person OTL) so if there is any corrections that you would think that is most likely not true, as in the wrong time/date or fact, please tell me.

Let’s start, shall we?

Well, ever since the release of f(x)’s Koala Episode 14 English Subbed around 14th of March, translators kept going and coming back again. I honestly didn’t have any problems at all with the timers, since most of them are easy to contact and also do their parts within the subbing time frame, which is approximately around 3-4 days.  Since we did not make our translators do both the dialogues and captions, but instead we divide them into eight parts for translators so that they can do it easier, more time were taken, especially since around that time, let’s just say it wasn’t the best time to look for translators nor was it best to do translating. Well, that was in my case, at least.  During the release of Ep 14, we also released a Promo video to attract (hopefully) Korean translators around Youtube. It worked for a while, but now, it’s pretty much ignored..

Around March-April, I had big events at school going on, mostly with exams and the archery competition almost colliding, plus with my English speech competition, I hadn’t much time to manage the subbing team, I only checked around, and most probably did nothing, I could only check in with the translators when I remember, and when I don’t, I don’t. Though, during this duration wasn’t the most tiring, but it was during around June-July, where I had to stay late for archery practice. There was a lot of things to be done, yet wasn’t due to this.

Mostly everything collided, and with no translators, it was my fault, I didn’t check in with the rest of the team to figure if anyone could help.

Yet, we came back, active again, around July or so? Where I finally had time to notice (this was after my archery competition and also my mid-terms so I was practically free) and called back the team, to see if anyone could help finish the missing translations. I set up a new forum just for the team managements, and through the forum, we had more translators applying, and they had helped us with the translations.

We truly apologize that we can’t translate entirely correct with only the raw video, but we translate them videos mostly from Chinese subs, making them not superbly correct. I saw a few comments on our videos, who were not satisfied because of the subs being not correct, and I would like to really apologize for that. But there’s nothing we could do, we didn’t have enough Korean translators, plus our Chinese translators are really hardworking, and we really don’t like to burden our translators.

There’s a longer story of finding translators and asking them to do the translations, but I’ll just summarize things since this is already super long (It has become longer than I thought XD and YES this is summarized, it is supposedly longer..). Well, the first 12 (or was it 15?) minutes of the dialogues were done by a Korean translator [inthecube aka Julie, thank you~!] and then, the next bits were done by Chinese translators, credited k-popfan for doing the second parts [she is from AFF, I was quite desperate, and thankfully, she came along ♥] and edited the third parts [the original third and fourth parts were done by MelissaM] and the last part was edited by Jiahui. [thank youuu soo much for translating even if you’re soo busy >_< love ya~], and then the captions. Ohh how I despised captions, especially in Koala. They are soo many of them!

Anyway, since the first person (whom I forgot was..) did not do the captions, and time was running out, I decided to help translate. Though I know that my Korean is very limited, I asked for help from a particular dongsaeng that is really close to me and had helped me fill in for most Koala’s subbed videos [credited as Crystal! -crystal.- thank you so much; you alr know I love you forever~] to help check my translations with the Chinese translations and had corrected most of them 😀 The second part was done by a Korean AND a Chinese translator, had the Korean translator [fxsoshixgem] was busy, and was heading for training [goodluck dear!], she had only done half of them, and the other half was done by my second savior, Denise! [credited as denise2601, you are super!]  She had done almost all of the fill-ins, I’m so thankful for having you here 🙂 The third part was again done by my AFF friend, k-popfan, once again, thank you soo much! and the last part was done by a Korean translator, gv5208, and was edited by Denise & Yue [Yueeeee~ YOU are awesome! you’re forever there~ third savior 8D] 🙂

After a few months, finally, the translations were complete and I could send them out to the timers (this was around last mid September or so?),  BUT the timers were not able to, considering they are all busy during that time of year. Though, I know that all of you have been waiting for this for soo long, (yess 7 months! omg 0.0) so, I timed and typesetted (I don’t really allow other staff to do the typesetting, sorry!) both the captions and the dialogues, replacing the timers. Yes, I timed the entire 48 minutes of dialogues (sorry if it’s not entirely precise and accurate) and the me who hates timing captions orz  also timed the captions, BUT not the entire 48 minutes. Fortunately, I had asked a timer, credited as XeviKira as the above, earlier to time in the captions as I had the translations of the captions done earlier, and she had done 5 minutes, which practically did save me a lot of time since I’m a slow poke in timing captions orz (Sorry people!)

AND FINALLY during last Sunday, I had gathered up my laziness and threw it away for awhile, and had finally finished timing and typesetting by 8.00PM [Malaysian time] It was later encoded for 48 minutes and splitted for another 48 minutes, and was finally uploaded onto Youtube. The first part, however, strangely failed to upload, yet the rest did fine. I left my computer on to finish upload the rest of the parts while I go to sleep [It was around 11PM or so by the time it was uploading Part 2 halfway and Part 1 hasn’t finished processing, and hey, I’m a 14 year old girl who needs her sleep too and I had school tomorrow~ so I need to sleep~] which would explain why Part 3 and 4 was not named and entered in a description. I woke up early though, the next day, around 5AM so I could continue uploading Part 1, and re-name the parts. Thankfully, the internet speed in the morning is TERRIFIC so it didn’t took me long to upload Part 1 🙂 But it did took long to process the video.

And now, I had finally; finally; finally uploaded the entire 986+ MB to MultiUpload (sorry guys, no parts because the parts were too big for MF and my country banned MegaUpload), and I think I’m finally done! KpopClubSubs are now working with f(x)’s Fashion N Actress House Episode (Episode 9) and perhaps The Beatles Code too! I reaaally do hope you enjoyed the last part, cause I paid extra attention to the typesetting, as during the 7 months KCS was on hiatus, I had a bit of spare time to work with other forums’ subbing team, and gained a WHOLE LOT of experience from them, on how to produce high quality fansubs.

AND! We couldn’t have the last episode in HD (cause it did not exist lol)  nor in the 720×480  resolution since the result of the .ts converted to .avi file was pretty stretched, and I thought it looked better in the original released version.

We also mentioned that we would sub the previous episodes that was in extremely bad quality [lol by that time, my subbing experience was a zeerooo] BUT we shall not since we will focus on the future appearances that has and will be made by f(x). (We will if we can, sub the Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli, Krystal cuts whenever we can and the entire show if we could, but now, we’re running out of Korean translators) Though! You guys can watch better quality subs with HeartfxSubs (also a team that I’m currently working with; and they are wonderful!) who has subbed Episode 1 and 2 and is now in the works of Episode 3 and lots more.

This has been nisyaz, and please look forward to more f(x)’s subbed goodies in the future released by KpopClubSubs 🙂

[And I’m really really really sorry for the extremely long post! Whoever reads this anyway, I am thankful to you forever LOL]


Releases might not be as active, since I’m currently facing my final exams starting this week, for an entire of two weeks+ of exams, just wanted to tell you guys that since I feel like I have to tell everyone everything..

9 Responses

  1. thank you very very much for the subbed of koala epi 15!! ahh me too.. i can’t download from MU too.. hai…
    thanks for the explanation too…haha.. no problem .. we do understand students’ life… though i’m far from it already..haha
    thanks again!!!

  2. Are you really 14 years old ? Then you’ve done pretty good job subbing F(x) Koala episodes. thanks.

  3. thank you!! ^^ Good Luck on your finals!!

  4. Really, you did not need to apologize, Nisyaz! Bratty commenters are best left ignored, haha. But you still gave us an explanation, and this shows the great heart and effort of you and your team’s work! You show great responsibility when we’re all just really thankful for the awesome things you do. Thank you so much.

    Subbing the last Koala episode must have caused you a bit of stress (more than the usual amount, I suppose). I’m glad you still focused on school, that’s the best thing to do! Like what Charlene (first commenter) said, I understand student life! (I’m in my last year of uni, and it never helps to assume that student life gets easier as you go along!)


  5. Thx for subbing! Really appreciated it. All that matters is that you got it done now 🙂

  6. Thanks a ton for all the hard work. Sounds like this was a real struggle, but you guys did a great job of bring this project to an end. For that, I’m really grateful. I was also wondering if Ep 1 and 2 were available for download. I can stream them, but would love to be able to have them as a download.

  7. I can’t download it anymore. It’s deleted on DF and I can’t download from torrents…

  8. 😦 can’t download this as well… cane someone upload this on mediafire? please. 😦

  9. cant download it as well please reupload it 🙂

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