Recruiting Staff for Invicible Youth 2 English Subs!

Hello everyone!

Projects are currently going slowly, but we’ll try our best to make sure they are out as soon as possible! (Our only current project is the f(x)’s Fashion House) But now, ever since Invincible Youth came up, we’ve seen some subbing teams out there, but to get the subs in HD (I’m.. a HD freak x__x), currently, none available.

And so, I’ve established a team with my other admin, pushuphater, specifically just to sub for the whole episode of Invincible Youth 2 in HD, with quality subs. However, we are in need of subbers and translators! Don’t worry, this subbing will not affect the progress of KpopClubSubs now since the subbing team will be a different team from us.

Are any of you interested? Also! If you happen to have Korean/Chinese friends or anyone who can speak, write and understand fluent Korean and Chinese, please redirect them to us, since we do need lots of help! We are also looking for Subbers (ie Timers, Typesetters, Encoders, QC-ers/Editors) and we are in need of help, if you are interested, please do make fill up the forms here :
(You will need to register. We are doing this so that we would know that you will be  dedicated and this project will go on)

We would like to thank you for taking your time to read this ❤ Please support Invincible Subs! Take note that the forum is still undergoing some changes, the shoutbox isn’t properly established yet so we ask you for your patience 🙂 Whenever subbing vids are up we will link them to you through our YT channel (Channel Description) so that you can find Invincible Subs’ Streaming and also the vids will be available for download in a download section in the forum 🙂