August – October Update Notes

Please ignore this! This is only for future reference.

16th August 2011 – Wednesday
We will also collab with SHS for Episode 22 (and so on). If you are Chinese or Korean who is fluent in English, and would like to help us with translating Heroes, please do apply as a translator over at our forums/email! We are needing of extreme help and it would be lovely if you joined us. The more the merrier, they say~

We are currently trying our best to have f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 English Subbed out by the end of this week, but no promises guys. Just wanted to let you all know that we are trying to do our best for the fastest release as possible.


21st August 2011 – Sunday

Hello again! We’re currently facing some problems with the translations for f(x)’s Koala Episode 15. Expected date of release would be next Sunday, the soonest.  All of our staff are working their very hardest to bring you all the subbed stuff listed above, so please do be patient! About the requests, we’re not very sure on opening them just yet, it depends on how busy our staff are. After completing all of the above projects, the staff would either re-sub Koala’s Episode 1 to 4 due to poor quality and subs (still in discussion so please do not get your hopes up!) or would fully concentrate on completing Heroes together with SHS.

All in all, we’re asking for you to be patient for future releases. Thank you!
And also, we’re still are very in need of translators! Please do apply if you are able to help!
All questions please either ask through email > or our forum. Questions asked in comments of posts in WordPress or the Youtube channel will be ignored no matter how much I want to answer it.

4th September 2011 – Saturday

Hello again! Sorry for the lack of updates and releases, I’ve been busy with Raya holidays, and had just got back from my hometown. Our translators and timers are too, currently busy with school and other stuff since it’s September, so we do apologise for having to stall or extend the release date for f(x)’s Koala Episode 15. We are very sorry for this, but we have to since our translators are very busy as well.

On another side note, is there anyone who would like to help translate? We would love it if you could translate and be dedicated to KpopClubSubs as well, since dedicated staff would be what we are needing most right now >_<

29th September 2011 – Thursday

Alright, I haven’t signed into WordPress to update, and I’m sorry for that >_< I’ve been busy, so here goes the latest updates!

During the timing of the dialogues, the translations were kind of a bit off, and we had to re-edit everything back again, and so now we’re waiting for the translations. Please give a little more time to the translator?

In the meanwhile, I’ve already timed the whole 3 parts of voices, yet the captions are still being timed. We’re surfacing some problems, and we hope that we can finish this in time for my exams >_< I’m sorry, but you’re still going to have to wait..

3rd October 2011 – Monday

HELLO! Exciting news~ All parts of Koala have finally finished translating and editing. We are now in the process of timing, and hopefully, if everything goes by perfectly, we will have f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 English Subbed by the end of the week! Wait for it, guys~ And we really thank you for being patient with us all this time~

And for a side note, we will not sub High Kick 3, unfortunately, as we are looking forward to subbing more of f(x)’s cuts on variety shows that haven’t been subbed yet. If you’d like to help us out, by translating or timing, please, don’t hesitate to do so~!

21st October 2011 – Friday

Hello yet again!

I’ve come to announce that subbing progresses(?) will come in a little bit slower than usual, since I am having exams; but I hope you will look forward to more subbed stuff that’s going to come in your way! Requests will be opened, we’ll have a page for that, but it’ll be strictly to f(x) stuff. It also depends on whether we can translate/sub it or not, since we do want to have the best quality for everything that we can sub. Please also consider our subbing team’s size, it’s not that big >_< and we can’t sub THAT fast. Requests shall be opened once we finish our latest project, so please look forward to it soon! 🙂