We are back! [Update: 110716]

Hello everyone, once again!
First of all, I’m very sorry for the extremely long hiatus, and I know you’ve all been waiting for Koala’s Episode 15. We have good news and bad news, unfortunately.

It’s always good to hear the good news at the end, so the bad news that I’m about to reveal, is that we will stop subbing T-ara’s Hello Baby. Our last episode being subbed will be Episode 3, hopefully it could be released soon.

Now, for the good news!
f(x)’s Koala Episode 15 will be released SOOON and is in the process of being translated and timed. We are trying our best to provide you guys with a HD episode (not specifically HD, the resolution is 720+) for the last episode to make it up for our long hiatus. Also, we have announced before that we are hoping to sub more of f(x)’s videos, and to do that, we do need translators and timers, not to forget typesetters, simply saying, a whole team of subbers.

To get these stuff organized, to apply for our team, please do not email me (nisyaz97@ymail.com) anymore, but instead, please post your application here : Translators and Timers/Typesetters . For anyone asking, YES, you’d have to register to be apart of our staff, but it’s so that projects can be much more well managed rather than having to email and everything.  We need absolute dedication, so please do apply!

Please DO note that we’re STILL searching for Translators, most importantly, Korean-English translators as some people have been complaining that our subs are not entirely accurate as we sub from Chinese-English instead of Korean-English.  So PLEASE, if you happen to know any acquaintances or friends that are willing to give up time to translate, please do mention us to them, and ask if they’re interested! We are very much in need of staff, and it totally sucks not being able to release subbed stuff efficiently as before.

Spread the word, people, and I hope you’re still with us here!


Hey everyone!
So.. it has been very long since I’ve posted anything here. (Almost one month? Or has it been already one month..)

First of all, I’d like to apologize to the many people waiting for subs from us (especially for Koala) and there has been a lot of people asking for the subs in our inbox in YT. I’m very sorry.

We got a little bit off track and our translators were busy thus, nothing could be subbed. But now, more and more people are helping to volunteer (Though only a few managed to stay..) for us, and I’m REALLY hoping more would help volunteer and actually stay dedicated with us. There are a few translators that applied though didn’t respond to what I’ve sent them.

So please, if you happen to have anyone you know, that are fluent (or at least knows the language) in KOREAN or in CHINESE, PLEASE dooo tell them to apply for KpopClubSubs! We’re aiming to sub a few shows, (Koala, Heroes mostly) and some shows that aren’t subbed by most people.

Second, some people have been asking for us to drop T-ara’s Hello Baby since PuddingSubs had subbed it already. I’m still considering on this. Do you want us to stop subbing  THB? Because if you do or don’t, please do tell us by VOTING here :

Waiting for official statement, –we shall not sub T-ara’s Hello Baby after Episode 3.  

Third, we’ve decided to sub Heroes starting from Episode 20 onwards instead of Episode 10, and WE ARE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF STAFF FOR THIS PROJECT. We’re needing :

-Translators (KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG)
-Timers (Captions and Voices)

Send us this short form to : [ nisyaz97@ymail.com ]
Applying for : Translators
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Translates from : [KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG]
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because.. (We just wanna know if you are really dedicated to us, we don’t want any staff leaving and all.)

Applying for  : Timer/Typesetter (Cross one out if you’re going to be only one)
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because..

We’ll mostly sub f(x) stuff (since the admin is biased towards f(x), sorry) BUT if there’s anything you aka the TRANSLATORS want us to sub, feel free to ask so!  (Only open to translators applying since they are the one who’s going to translate)
If we happen to get a lot of translators, we shall open up Subbing Requests.

THANKS FOR READING! We will be active as soon as possible! Something subbed is going to come out this month..

–PROMO VID– Searching for Translators!

f(x)’s Koala Episode 14 Eng Subbed

Sorry for the delay! And we’re currently missing TRANSLATORS to translate for Episode 15. If anyone’s interested, please email nisyaz97@ymail.com .


640 x 480 f(x) Koala Eng Subbed Episode 14


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

[Split files]

001 | 002 | 003

[Streaming – Youtube]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Translators: Julie (InTheCube), Holand, Lulu, Crystal, Wilson

Timers : Nisyaz, Rani, Kim

Others : Nisyaz


110309 KpopClubSubs’ Status

We’ve not updated our status in a while, and I want you guys to know why I’ve been currently asking for volunteers for those who can be one of our translators. Status will be posted up as well.

First : f(x)’s Koala Episode 14 Status.

It’s almost done, I’m completing the timings and it shall be up around Sunday, this week. HOWEVER we DO NOT have ANY translators AT ALL for EPISODE 15 and we urgently need them to translate CAPTIONS.

IF ANYONE IS AT ALL UP FOR THE CHALLENGE. Please visit :http://youtube.com/fxtara and Search for Episode 15’s Chinese Sub. Try subbing 5 minutes of the video, and send them to me( nisyaz97@ymail.com ) as soon as you can. Your help will be mostly needed!

Second : T-ara’s Hello Baby Episode 3 Status

There’s only Episode 3’s timings of the first half of the episode that’s left, and we’ll all be done and ready to encode. However, for Episode 14, I don’t know much regarding the status since the co-admin had come back from her leave and hasn’t told me anything for the past few days.

Third : SBS’ Heroes Episode 10 Status

This is VERY important for all of you to know. FIRST, Heroes will also be up around Sunday – Tuesday (Next week) AND THEN, we will NOT be subbing Episodes 11 – 19. We will skip to Episode 20 and start from there as I’ve found Super Heroes Subs to be actively subbing again.

If you didn’t know, we only have 1 translator (K-Translator) for Koala. The rest are only available in April and you don’t wanna wait til April, right?

We have about 2 available translators for Heroes (subbing, currently), with 1 currently busy.

And for T-ara’s Hello Baby, we’ve got about 3 translators left, and I’m not sure whether they are able to cope with it or not.

I’m so very sorry for delaying all the upcoming subbed episodes, but I’d have to since I’ve got exams this week, and am focusing towards my exams FIRST. However, my holidays are up next week, and I shall try my best to release as much subbed episodes I can. :3


Looking for Korean/Chinese Translators!!

We are looking for Korean/Chinese translators!

Our subbing status for translating is currently slowing down because of we’ve no translators to help translate. SO PLEASE DO HELP. If you’re interested, please email nisyaz97@ymail.com

We can’t really sub anything without translators, and I really hate to have my remaining, small amount of translators to be doing heavy loads of work. So PLEASE! help us!

f(x)’s Sulli’s Nana’s B CF Story Version English Subbed

Surprise! Hehee~

Cute Sulli 8D


1280 x 720 f(x)’s Sulli’s Nana’s B CF Story Version Eng Subbed

[Youtube Streaming]

Translators: Julie (INTHECUBE)

Timers: Nisyaz

Hope you enjoyed the little surprise! ❤