110726 SBS’ Strong Heart – Krystal Cuts English Subbed, HD

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110726 SBS’ Strong Heart – Krystal Cuts English Subbed in HD

NOTE: There are no lower than 720p resolution provided, but if you’d like one, please tell us and we’ll try our best to downsize the resolution! It won’t be the best though.


NOTE: We are well aware that people living in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc could not watch the video on Youtube due to SBS’ copyright matters. People living in other countries could watch it on Youtube freely though. We didn’t want to mirror the video, and the only solution we’ve gotten through is by uploading through Vimeo. Sorry for the inconvenience!





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Translator (Korean-English) : inthecube
Timers: xshatteredx, CookyAjuuma, nisyaz
Typesetter & QC-er & Encoder: nisyaz

Enjoy, everyone~!
We’re finally at the middle stage of f(x)’s Koala! Everything has been translated, now to just get it timed and typesetted, please be patient everyone! It’s coming reaaaal near!