Hey everyone!
So.. it has been very long since I’ve posted anything here. (Almost one month? Or has it been already one month..)

First of all, I’d like to apologize to the many people waiting for subs from us (especially for Koala) and there has been a lot of people asking for the subs in our inbox in YT. I’m very sorry.

We got a little bit off track and our translators were busy thus, nothing could be subbed. But now, more and more people are helping to volunteer (Though only a few managed to stay..) for us, and I’m REALLY hoping more would help volunteer and actually stay dedicated with us. There are a few translators that applied though didn’t respond to what I’ve sent them.

So please, if you happen to have anyone you know, that are fluent (or at least knows the language) in KOREAN or in CHINESE, PLEASE dooo tell them to apply for KpopClubSubs! We’re aiming to sub a few shows, (Koala, Heroes mostly) and some shows that aren’t subbed by most people.

Second, some people have been asking for us to drop T-ara’s Hello Baby since PuddingSubs had subbed it already. I’m still considering on this. Do you want us to stop subbing  THB? Because if you do or don’t, please do tell us by VOTING here :

Waiting for official statement, –we shall not sub T-ara’s Hello Baby after Episode 3.  

Third, we’ve decided to sub Heroes starting from Episode 20 onwards instead of Episode 10, and WE ARE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF STAFF FOR THIS PROJECT. We’re needing :

-Translators (KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG)
-Timers (Captions and Voices)

Send us this short form to : [ nisyaz97@ymail.com ]
Applying for : Translators
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Translates from : [KOR-ENG/CHI-ENG]
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because.. (We just wanna know if you are really dedicated to us, we don’t want any staff leaving and all.)

Applying for  : Timer/Typesetter (Cross one out if you’re going to be only one)
Name :
Country/Timezone :
Past experience? :
Hours willing to dedicate for KpopClubSubs :
I’ll be dedicated because..

We’ll mostly sub f(x) stuff (since the admin is biased towards f(x), sorry) BUT if there’s anything you aka the TRANSLATORS want us to sub, feel free to ask so!  (Only open to translators applying since they are the one who’s going to translate)
If we happen to get a lot of translators, we shall open up Subbing Requests.

THANKS FOR READING! We will be active as soon as possible! Something subbed is going to come out this month..

T-ara’s Hello Baby Episode 2 Eng Subbed


Translators : Yin, Crystal, Caramel

Timers : Micheal, Emily, Celine, Ace

Others : Nisyaz


840 x 448 T-ara’s Hello Baby Episode 2 English Subbed


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

[Youtube Streaming]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We’re soo very sorry for the late release! The co-admin had other issues, so I had to take over and this became pended/delayed. Very sorry! And we’re still continuing to sub Hello Baby until the end :3 Remember to NEVER EVER NEVER re-upload or place our DLs anywhere else or they shall be unavailable forever.

Also, if you’d like to watch the rest of the eisodes subbed in softsubs, (NOT US subbing) You may go to PuddingSubs’ Channel.

Feel free to leave comments!

SBS’s Heroes

Cast : Narsha (BEG) Kahi (After School), Seo In Young, Noh Sa Yeon, Hong Soo Ah, Jeong Ga Eun, Lee Jin, Shin Bong Sun, IU, Yoo In Na, Nicole (KARA) and Jiyeon (T-ara) .

Hello everyone yet again!

Today, we saw Chinese Subbed Episodes for Heroes on Tudou (actually, one of our translators, Yin, saw it.) And so, she came up with the idea to sub for Heroes, since yes, there aren’t many Heroes subbing team around, and some did request this from us. Because there’s now the Chinese Subbed, we will start subbing Heroes from Episode 9 til current, (Episode 20 is the latest) BUT we don’t have any staff at all to sub this yet.

So, we’ll need about 4 – 6 timers and translators, doesn’t matter you translate from Chinese/Korean to English. A minimal amount of time online is : 2 hours, and we hope to get lots of staff for this, as we have a lot of catching up to do.

Fill in these forms below, and email them to nisyaz97@ymail.com .

Timers :

Name :

Age :


Hours Online per day :

You would like to time Voices or Captions? :


Name :


Hours online per day :

You would like to translate Voices or Captions? :

As soon as all the empty spots are filled, we will immediately start subbing for Heroes 🙂

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

T-ara’s Hello Baby Episode 1 Eng Subbed

Because of some suggestions, we’re uploading the Parts file into Mediafire again, and with that comes Multiupload

Wrote by –  Nisyaz

640 x 480 Megaupload T-ara’s Hello Baby Eng Subbed Episode 1


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


-Those that are crossed, the files are too big-

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Note : If you know any other sites you would like us to upload links to, do tell, and we’ll put up the links for all of you. And remember,the site must hold for at least 400MB (max file we can upload)

[Youtube Streaming]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Our team who worked on this :

Encoder/Timer/Uploader/Subbing Coordinator : Nisyaz

Translators : May, Yin, Shihui, Caramel, Crystal

Timers : Jcimf, Sky

-Hara will start admin (ing) for T-ara’s Hello Baby starting for Episode 2, so please anticipate!

Plus, we all worked hard to give you full subbed episodes and download links,  and it took us days and sometimes weeks for this, and it will only take a few seconds compared to say thanks to our hard-working team. I’m sure that they’ll all appreciate seeing your comments of thanks 🙂

T-ara’s Hello Baby Season 3


We’re back with something new to tell! So, after we’ve given it some thought, we want to sub for T-ara’s Hello Baby, from Chinese subs to English, since not many are subbing it yet. Of course, we knew that some of you were wondering perhaps why we were only subbing f(x)’s Koala, well now, we are subbing T-ara’s Hello Baby. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough timers and translators, even though some of our translators are volunteering^^. The timers we have are only two, even though our main timer can make it, we still need more.  So you T-ara fans, don’t hesitate!

If you aren’t experienced, or don’t know how to time, don’t worry, we can teach you XD. If you can translate [from Kor-Eng/Chi-Eng] but don’t know how to get it done, don’t worry, we can always teach you 🙂 We are recruiting, so remember to apply now!

You may apply either via form (Click on the button ‘Join KpopClubSubs’) or via comment, here. OR you can just send in your application, to nisyaz97@ymail.com .  PROMOTE THIS!


-Name : (what to call)

-Hours you’re online : (The least would be an hour)

-Experience :

-Questions/Comments :

-Email : (If you’re using the same email to apply, you don’t need to fill this)


Name : (What do we call you?)

You translate from.. : (Kor-Eng or Chi-Eng?)

Hours you’re online : (At the very least, an hour)

Experience :

Questions/Comments :

Email : (If you’re using the same email, you don’t need to fill this.)

Some of you already said that Megaupload wasn’t working for f(x) Koala Episode 6, we already found that out. BUT we can’t find any websites that supports 400 MB and above, so we do need your recommendation on this. We are having some technical difficulties on Koala Episode 7, that the video file that we used doesn’t work with Aegisubs, (it’s from Shinkishin.wordpress.com and kpopweb.net) if you happen to surpass any video file that’s FULL, doesn’t matter whether it’s torrent or not, (.avi is preferrable) please link us to it.

Thanks, admin nisyaz ♥