Hello! This is admin nisyaz, reporting for duty, hehe.

Introducing you, to KpopClub’s Official WordPress, we did consider having a blog, but seeing wordpress is more likely used, we decided with WordPress.

What would we be posting here?

We will be posting about our status updates, promotions/affiliates, the episodes download links, and we ARE subbing variety shows, so over here will be the streaming site, if any of our videos had to go unlisted.

Can I join the team? eg ; Journalist, Admin, Mods at our Official Forum, Subbers, etc.

Sure! Just make sure you visit the site frequent enough, send an email, considering that I WOULD LIKE TO HELP, either by translating or timing. We are looking very forward and positive to anyone who wants to join, so please do!

Send your email to > nisyaz97@ymail.com or harajuku.kawaii03@gmail.com
Nisyaz is managing Koala while Hara will be managing T-ara’s Hello Baby
If you don’t mind to go on which team, T-ara’s Hello Baby is currently in need of more staff^^
Though, Koala is looking for more too 🙂

Take your time, to appreciate and thank us for our work, we would gladly appreciate it. Any requests would be decided by the admins, Nisyaz and Hara.:D

That’s all for now!

Announcements will be made HERE.

4 Responses

  1. Hi I was wondering if you guys could sub this golden fishery episode with son ye jin. I finally found it after months of searching and it would be awesome if I could understand what they were saying. I’m a huge fan of son ye jin and I would realllly appreciate it if you guys could do a special side project?

    Here’s the link

    Please consider it!! Thanks! :]

  2. Will you be subbing Eunjung’s WGM cuts? I really want to see it.

  3. do you have a facebook account ????

  4. can u help me to sub Family outing season 2 episode 11??..
    i reaalllllyyyy hope that u can sub it becoz its already a year i waited this episode to get english subb.~!!TQ~!

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