f(x) Koala Episode 3 Eng Subbed

Captions are still undone, so we decided to post the video first. , make sure to visit here often~ We’ll be updating everything here!

The video’s still encoding, let’s hope it becomes clearer!

*Just a note. We’ll be posting the full video with captions and everything as UNLISTED.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XHI55BEX | Full Download 640×480 Frame [No Captions]

http://www.multiupload.com/9MLQOL8KR9 | Part 1

http://www.multiupload.com/22QQ5NO7CP | Part 2

http://www.multiupload.com/4CO5VFXBE0 | Part 3

We did upload Part 3, but since it was too long by just a mere 1 minute and 50 seconds, Youtube rejected it, so we had to cut and upload again. This means, there’ll be 4 parts in Youtube, but only 3 Parts on download links.

The multiupload links shall link you to which ever site you feel most comfortable using 🙂 Since Mediafire can’t support more than 200MB Videos.

If anything is wrong, just tell us, okay? And, we’re going to re-sub Episode 1 and 2, this time with captions and greater quality. Again, I’ll remind you that the re-uploading will be Unlisted. We will show the video here ^^

*admin Nisyaz.

18 Responses

  1. thank you for giving us high quality subs!! KPop Club HWAITING~~!

  2. yay.. you’re sooooo jjang!
    i love this show
    i love f(x)
    and i love you tooo much for subbing this so fast ><

  3. Thank you for subbing this show. I’m amazed by how quickly you’ve been able to do so. I believe we are only on episode 4 this week. You are awesome!!

  4. thank you very much! i love this show!
    you’re jjang!

  5. What do you mean the re-uploading will be unlisted?
    Will there be a link for the better quality episodes here for us to download? If possible could you give us a link to download the full video on megaupload, would really appreciate it

    • What I meant was,
      we will reupload the videos with better quality on Youtube, but it will be unlisted so to find the link, you must go here.
      Yes, there will be 🙂
      Both the full video and also the parts, so don’t worry 🙂

      But it will be only released later, since I am having exams, and can’t be around the computer much. If you see on the Stats, 2nd November is when I will start resubbing it.
      For Episode 3 & 4 & onwards, we’ll provide the full download link :))

      • Ok thanks Nisyaz.
        So currently episode 3, there are only subs for the part 1-3, but no sub for the full video correct?
        Because i don’t get the term of caption and no caption.
        :S Sorry about that.

        Any ways a fan of your work Nisyaz, not only on this site but other sites too ^^ Hwaiting 😀

  6. @Krystal4Ever
    There’s subs for the Full VIdeo download…
    Just no subs for the captions (the words in Korean that kept popping up for no reason)
    Sorry I messed it all up~

    • So you wont be doing any caption?
      Just sometime the caption tells a lot of the situation or whats going on.
      Might have to download both full and parts version

      • we will,
        but just not this episode, YET.
        The full and parts version are the same.
        The links will be notified, eg;

        http://something.com | Part 2 [No Captions]

        and then, when we’re done with the captions.

        http://something.com | Part 2 [Captions]

        we’l delete the link to the non captions part.

  7. hey are yall gna post up ep 1 and 2 for download? 🙂

  8. admin..
    thanx s0 much f0r subbing k0ala..
    bc0z i cant f0und anyone else that subbing this sh0w..
    thanx a l0t…
    but can i kn0w,when are y0ug0ing t0 pr0vide DL link f0r eps 1 & 2..???
    im n0t rushing u,just asking..
    d0nt feel burdened….

    • the DL links for parts are on Youtube,
      we are currently busy catching up with T-ara’s Hello Baby and Koala’s Episode 8 and 9.
      We’re actually aiming to translate the captions as well, but our translators are busy enough.
      So it might take a while,
      sorry .

  9. I honestly have been searching all over the internet to find some subbing group who might subbed f(x) Koala, and just a while ago, I discovered this site. I’ll absolutely keep my eyes on you guys. And I’m so thankful for all your effort to work on this show. This means a lot to me since I can’t speak Korean 😀

  10. Thanks so much for subbing Koala!! ❤ f(x)

  11. Hi!!! finally came all the way back and found this ❤ You guys are awesome!!!!!! I've been wanting to watch this..

    and I went to Youtube for episodes 1 and 2, and just wanted to make sure, episode 1 is only in MQ, right?

  12. hey there, just wanna ask, are the links up above (the 3 multiupload) already have english subs?

    how about the megaupload one? does it have subs?

    I’m sorry, I was just confused and so i’m asking.

    by the way, thank you for the hardwork 🙂

  13. Hello, love the show. Would like to download episodes but has ep. 1 & 2 been re-subbed with better subs. If so where can they be found. Also would like to say thanks you for all your hard wrk in subbing.

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